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Common Denominator; Disease = Oxidative Stress

Looking at natural health ideas presents an endless and confusing list of dos and don’ts. Foods, herbs, waters, detoxification and even magnets and meditations seemingly have little in common. How could a vitamin or a sauna both work? It turns out there is a common denominator in biological function; redox potential,…electrical charge. Read the rest of this entry »


The Redox Approach

When the principles behind robust health and the causes of disease are understood, focused steps can be taken to insure wellness or apply effective therapeutics. The governing principles that influence the health of an organism Read the rest of this entry »



FH was written without footnotes or scientific details and meant to be readable by the general public. For those interested Read the rest of this entry »


Electrical Water, H2O2, OUR GOALS

Last week some revolutionary work on water Read the rest of this entry »