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It’s nearly impossible to convey the importance of major concepts through words.  I have tried. Maybe if you could write ten feet tall or shout out loud. Words only represent ideas and must be meditated upon.
Personal responsibility
Oxidation  reduction
Electrons, pH-protons, Oxygen, energy
Fats, Proteins, Phyto-nutrient Antioxidants, Sea-Minerals
Body Charge
Freedom, Independence, Dependence
Fear, Love, Heaven, Hell, Courage, Confidence, Ego
Community, Isolation, Illusion
Nature, Life, Now

Analyze the words! Translate them into reality, put them in perspective, prioritize them,  put them to work. Expand your neural network, integrate elements of your world, connect the dots. The truth is often obvious, hiding in plain sight. See it, know it, captain your soul,…and LIVE WELL.


This IS A Study! Please post Results.

“When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer!” (Stevie Wonder)

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