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Stuff to Remember.

While proceeding with the 11 Step Protocol keep in mind that cells are being cleansed and replaced. As this manufacture is occurring maintain plentiful supply of un-oxidized, un-damaged fats from grass fed animal sources, nuts, coconut, flax and hemp.

And ABSOLUTELY avoid heat damaged, processed, easily oxidized polyunsaturated vegetable oils  and feedlot animal fats that become rancid quickly due to lack of protective antioxidants. Bad fats will be incorporated in cell and mitochondrial membranes and hinder oxygen penetration leading to low cell energy and oxidative stress.

AVOID grain carbohydrates and corn syrups, they turn into bad fats in the liver.

NOTE; Bad fats and carbs/sugars are in all processed, baked and fried foods,  prepare (and grow) your own!