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Mystery Solved; The Earth Is Round, and Life Is ELECTRICAL.

Objective Science Looks at Our Global Disease, A.K.A. Oxidative Stress, A.K.A. Rust, A.K.A. Burning

Preliminary Glossararia;

Just about all molecular behavior (the material world consists of atoms/molecules) depends on the energetic transfer of ELECTRONS which assemble or disassemble atomic bonds in larger aggregations of molecules like the proteins and fats that living organisms are made of. ELECTRONS are also the energy currency life operates on. ELECTRONS are ultimately energized by solar photons and enter our bodies as food, structured water, direct radiation and earth charge. ELECTRONS are transformed through metabolizing foods into bio-usable ATPs with the help of OXYGEN. Living organisms must maintain an appropriate ELECTRON charge or begin to disassemble molecule by molecule.

Charge terrain/body voltage/pH/ ORP-Oxidation Reduction Potential are related measures of bio-energy or degeneration into all chronic disease and death. Antioxidants like vitamins, alkalizing mineral electrolytes, phyto-polyphenols and high ORAC foods are electron-rich electron-donating molecules. Acids, free radicals, metals and pathogens are electron thieves and yet immune responses depend on oxidative burning and molecular disassembly of pathogens, cell debris and cancers. Health resides in this oxidation/reduction balance and healing lies in the restoration of body charge. Mystery solved; the earth is round, life is ELECTRICAL.

True Causes/Effects

It is becoming a widely accepted scientific fact that oxidative stress and inflammation is the root of chronic disease. Still, against all logic and appropriate treatment, modern medicine confuses cause and effect in favor of treating hundreds of pigeonholed symptoms as individual diseases. And so we have become victims of divide and conquer drug medicine; instead of extinguishing our “singular disease” A.K.A. oxidative stress/inflammation/burning/rust, the pharmaceutical business model thrives on whitewashing basic science in order to continue the profitable practice of putting out symptomatic “hot spots.” Meanwhile a few clinics and enlightened physicians have taken a more practical approach and address disease at its root through “fireproofing” the system against oxidative stress with copious antioxidant electron inputs and by removing inflammatory source-level “accelerants” like bad foods, mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, organic toxins, stealth infections, poor lifestyle choices and emotional stress.

An holistic understanding of the situation faced by all life forms quickly leads to an electro-molecular view of biology and a host of clinically proven therapeutic measures. Living cells operate on ATP electrons which means voltage generated by metabolism powers the building and operation of cell molecules according to DNA specifications. Conversely, immune responses rely on the opposite force; the oxidative peroxide “back-fire” destruction of electron bonds that hold the molecules of pathogens, cancers, toxins and spent cells together. The beauty lies in a balance between these opposing forces. While vigorous health operates on electron voltages upward of 40mv, disease begins with a shift below 30mv toward oxidation, a drop in electron energy and increased acidity which implies viscous fluids, sluggish circulation, retention of metals and poor oxygen penetration… acidic hypoxia…cell suffocation. There are umpteen inexpensive ways to manipulate charge, pH and oxygenation.

Metabolism; Too Much Fuel Too Fast, Too Little Oxygen

Just as lactic acid buildup in muscles requires time for oxygen to revert the painful acid form back to neutral lactate, the same process within our cells’ mitochondria goes unnoticed when too-much food (glucose) too-fast outpaces oxygen delivery. This oxygen shortfall leads to acidic, inefficient and toxic metabolism, and a drop in electron energy. That is why fat-rich low-carb diets and intermittent fasting are so effective since slower glucose delivery allows time for complete O2-rate-sensitive aerobic “combustion.” Lower blood sugar levels allow Vitamin C to out-compete glucose transport into cells so that Vitamin C, and internally produced glutathione, SOD and catalase can insulate and protect mitrochondrial furnaces from free-radical burnout.

Improved oxygenation is aided greatly by the removal of oxidized/damaged unsaturated oils from the diet, metals, infections, radiations, drugs and stress which all squander body charge and electric potential. When voltage (bioenergy) drops, acids and free radicals do dangerous damage; cell structures and functions like immune strength, genetic expression and the replacement of inflammatory spent cells become degraded. Studies show a concomitant shift toward anaerobic fermentation (low voltage output) occurs as HIF (Hypoxia Induction Factor) is stimulated either by a lack of oxygen or lack of Vitamin C. HIF signals a shift toward anaerobic metabolism and rapid capillary formation meant to provide more oxygen and glucose… a first step toward disease and cancers. Omega fat balances add to the oxygen conundrum where all damaged oils become misused by the body to construct cell membranes which transport oxygen very poorly, non-conductive mitochondrial membranes which burn up easily and brain cells that malfunction. The fraudulent push toward grain-based oils and corn sugars has led to cellular suffocation across the population and a sharp rise in diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc. and the bogus drive to eliminate truly healthy saturated fats and prescribe dangerous statins.

So to understand that falling body voltage leads to hypoxia>> acidity >> free radical devastation of healthy cells is to understand the deadly downward spiral faced by all life, including the death of forests and oceans and our ongoing mass extinction event. You can’t even call this a theory since the most simple basic hard sciences of chemistry, biology and human physiology are virtually indisputable, yet continue to hide in plain sight.

An Institutionalized Scam?

The problem is that a suffering public has been misdirected by the hyper-complex voodoo of expensive pharmaceutical intervention. After silently becoming low voltage, health compromised and browbeaten by industry; the resultant confusion and fear led to acceptance of a pill in favor of a seed-level re-balancing of the conditions essential for the restoration of healthy cell energy and function. Acute and trauma care can be excellent in America while chronic disease treatments are not so great. Prevention information is a dog’s breakfast of disinformation containing a few chunks of meat and lots of come-ons to enter the healthcare system. Beware of the trap in courses of side-effect laden drugs widely “believed” to cure chronic diseases as well as antibiotic over-use for minor infections when there are safer, less expensive, more effective approaches to all chronic conditions. The human body is well adapted to preclude or vanquish chronic ailments, poisonings and dire infections when adequately charged and oxygenated. Practitioners of the last century and a few today, though dismissed with extreme prejudice, frequently cured cancers, polio, tuberculosis, snakebite, concussive brain trauma and viral encephalopathy, hepatitis, sepsis, etc. using huge IV inputs of Vitamin C’s electrons and hyperbaric oxygen. Some physicians rely on oxidative therapies to knock out cancers, ebola and other viral/bacterial/parasitic infestations using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorite and again Vitamin C which in huge doses acts as an oxidizer.

Conventional medicine ignores first causes and what farmers call cultural practices; the conditions necessary for healthy plants and animals. Functional medicine is a bit more targeted toward returning essentials, yet doesn’t quite find the lowest common denominator. Forbidden Healing takes a fresh look at biomolecular energetics and system charge/redox potentials/pH/voltage or electron populations if you will. The Forbidden approach goes straight to deficiencies of essential materials needed to restore a healthy charge to cells, fluids and the 60% connective tissue component of the body while removing negatory aspects and surpluses of industrial garbage that steal and squander body charge. This approach diplomatically finesses the organism to restore itself rather than nuking perceived enemies with drugs and side-effect larded one-dimensional fixes. Raising body charge raises all boats. When charge is low and the flames of oxidation threaten, overwhelming quantities of electrons and oxygen do the trick…quick. Too simple for complicated minds snug/smug in their certainties?

Be The Docta

It is always recommended to start with an accounting of diet, a hair metal/mineral analysis to know levels and review personal habits and mental states as no doctor can. It is likely metal burdens and other toxic loads, multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, rotting root canals along with fearful stresses are in play. Who needs cancers, heart/artery problems, depressions, dentures, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, debilitating infections or an abbreviated life span riddled with suffering at outrageous expense?

After finding the key to life through independent research, successful prevention and treatment of “the disease” in people, plants and animals followed. Maybe I just reinvented the wheel only to later find a handful of physicians and their protocols on the same page. Mega Vitamin C, IV Vitamin C, other megavitamin/mineral cocktails, metal detoxification, dietary shifts to organic low-carb/high-fat/intermittent eating, hyperbaric oxygen, various oxidative applications, breath-work, sunshine and meditative-perceptive stress reduction form the backbone of their efforts and improve charge terrain whether they recognize net electro-molecular effects or not. Note; All these therapeutic measures have been dismissed by conventional medicine and effectively “forbidden” to the public.


Excessive worry over your health or anything else for that matter is stress. Stress ignites the sympathetic chain of the autonomic nervous system creating fight-flight hormones, acidity and oxidative stress, not the healthy regenerative parasympathetic response where cells replenish, replicate and renew…and even exhibit “placebo” healing.

Stress is basically fear and unrelenting death consciousness with low frequency manifestations of hate, anger, defensiveness, lying, shame, guilt, selfishness and greed. Stress is the bitter fruit of the ego, whereas higher frequency higher psycho-spiritual states of consciousness occur with unconditional love, relaxed faith/self confidence, forgiveness, sharing, reflection and goodwill toward all life forms. Ego is the sinful demon of religious doctrine while the higher consciousness is a divine state of mindfullness. The ego is an illusory construct of the past and future that disappears in the present tense of loving childlike being “outside of one’s self.” Some meditate, others just laugh and have fun.

Our Systemic Bind

Oxidative stress and acidic hypoxia caused by filthy human industry, chemically grown factory foods and multiple corporate cover-ups have brought the planet’s ecosystems to the brink of collapse,…and the band plays on. What else could account for the purposeful mismanagement of Earth? The oceans will die from CO2 acidification and stop providing oxygen, chemical grain-based agriculture will fail and famine will ensue long before sea level rise wets many feet and an era of refugees explodes. Forgive them not; they know exactly what they do. Can we stop this abortion of the future with knowledge and truth? Or will we follow our shallow illogical hyper-social politically-correct cognitive bias like lemmings into oblivion?

One major self-defeating foible of humanity is the predilection to take sides in any argument…to adopt a calcified position and believe without logic or critical thought. From religion and politics to science and medicine; folks are averse to remaining undecided. While a few things like gravity are certain, so much else remains in the murky area twixt cause and effect; purposeful misdirection planted through the inane ramblings of marketers and lying propagandists. Few see through our artificial narrative, the cultural “peer reviewed” and protected paradigm we have been programmed with since birth.

Heal yourself, laugh and never let the bastards win. We will remain a fraudulent and failing civilization until a leap in consciousness reaches critical mass. Be there!

References; My view of living organisms was not gleaned from health industry studies hence a lack of links to them. Instead a reverse engineered approach evolved through a deeper understanding of physiology, cell biology, chemistry and physics…an intuitive holistic synthesis of well accepted scientific facts. Nevertheless, many scientific papers, researchers and clinicians reinforce an electro-molecular thesis, but alas, basic texts were my original and sole source material. I sell nothing other than shovel-ready self healing skills in plain language.

See also supportive books and videos by: Drs. Hickey/Roberts/Saul, Dr. Jaffe, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Klenner, Dr. Rath, The Riordan Clinic, Dr. Tennant, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Gerald Pollack (water), Dr. Margreet Vissers (NZ), The Orthomolecular Foundation, and others..

Best, Capt. Randall

Capt. Randall has always been a fisherman, skin-diver, tropical fruit aficionado and a keen observer of life on this planet. Once a university student of the sciences and former manager of a botanical garden and organic growing instructor, Randall is now an organic farmer, hunter and accomplished cook living in North Florida. Lifelong studies of the ocean, terrestrial environment and human health led to an electrical epiphany where everything fit and made sense. He has tried to communicate this knowledge to a tone deaf public and medical community for over a decade, and yet Hallelujah… the Forbidden approach is beginning to take root!

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