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An Open Letter to American Veterans

So you served your country and did the patriotic thing you were taught held the highest merit. You sacrificed your independent life, your limbs, your family and your moral compass to the depravity of perpetual war and wanton killing. You became a monster if only to survive and came home a mental and physical wreck. So why surrender now?

Though you enjoyed the excitement of high stakes adventure and the community of brothers, a return to the humdrum workaday world has left you alone, empty and ashamed with the guilt of having been used and discarded like a spent Bic lighter. What greater inspiration could you hold than to become a warrior for peace? To end the insanity of murdering your fellow human beings? This can be your purpose; to say no to fake wars concocted to benefit the few. Don’t end your life, begin anew.

You may think you are a poor bastard suffering PTSD with no future locked in remorse, abusing alcohol or dutifully taking more of the government’s drugs. Your body is toxic and your mind can not center. You were vaccinated, fed garbage, over-exercised and contained in a structured existence where your normal fear was turned into a raging ten foot tall machine. You were drugged, concussed and made to breathe the filth of burning battlefield toxins and the stink of death. Worst of all you were fooled into entering a hell not of your own making. Those treasonous slick suits who sent you cheered while sipping champagne and sucking the blood of the nation. You were consumed by vampires, cannibals and sharks, then spit out and should be bitter and undefeated.

Now you can heal and rage against the cause of your affliction. You can turn your swords into plowshares. You can rise from the ashes. You are not alone.

Yes, you suffered psychological trauma, but first deal with the acidic contamination of a body that cannot support a healthy personality. If you had a hair analysis you would find you are burdened with metals like mercury, cadmium, aluminum and depleted uranium along with various burnt organics and bacterial trash. You are also filled with the acidic protons of emotional fear/anger/hate and shame. These all sap the electron energy you and your minds really operate on. The following and similar protocols have also healed smokers, welders, firefighters and anyone who was inadvertently poisoned by our industrial economy.

Alkalization and detoxification can get involved but start with taking a teaspoonful of Arm&Hammer baking soda twice a day in a glass of clean water. Then find pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in bulk and begin mixing it with half as much baking soda in half a glass of water, fizz, swallow. A level teaspoonful of Vitamin C powder is a bit over 2 grams (2000 milligrams) but one needn’t weigh it, just eyeball it. Keep increasing the mound of C on the spoon until you reach bowel tolerance; where diarrhea happens, then ease back a bit until it doesn’t. This may be up to 7-10 grams per dose, taken on an empty stomach half an hour before meals and at bedtime for a total of 3-4-5 doses per day. You will need around 3lbs every 30-40 days so find cheap pure bulk Vitamin C like NOW Vitamins or PureBulk sell. This will alkalize and supply huge quantities of electrons to your body which will neutralize and mobilize toxins which must then be chelated and eliminated. Cheap chelators include chlorella, spirulina, charcoal and clays to be taken with meals. Depression will lift in a few days and healthy mental function will begin its return.

You can also take NAC, R Alpha Lipoic acid, Vitamin K2, B-Complex and MSM sulfur to aid detoxification along with minerals; magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine and selenium (seasalt, seaweed and seafoods help). Cannabis is a huge neurological healer as are other polyphenols like turmeric, cilantro, chocolate, coffee and green tea.

As far as concussive brain trauma is concerned; OXYGEN is key. Simply alkalizing and taking Vitamin C will increase oxygen penetration to your cells. This may not be enough and HBOT ( hyperbaric oxygen) sessions are top treatment. Joe Namath got hit in the head plenty which causes the same trauma that being near explosions causes. He found healing in HBOT “dives” and is currently working on FDA approval through a clinic in Jupiter, Florida. HBOT chambers are scattered across the country for diving accidents, in small clinics and most hospitals, but rarely used and mostly for gangrene. Oxygen bars, scuba diving and breathing exercises can help, but not like pure O2 under 2 atmospheres of pressure which forces the essential gas into all body tissues.

Psychological issues can then be dealt with in a variety of ways. Some vets find solace in nurturing activities such as gardening, cooking, working with pets, planting trees, apprenticing at an organic farm, volunteering or simply spend time in nature. Jobs are critical; stay busy and use your hands! Family support, group outings, sunshine, exercise and the counsel of friends or professionals are there and you can talktalktalk to help release the demons.

And please, once on the road to recovery, do your utmost to see that war does not swallow other young men and women and their families… or rain death and destruction on other human beings and our environment.

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