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The Real Pre-existing Condition

The American population has been immune-compromised for decades with an ongoing epidemic of cancer, diabetes and all other chronic disease. People are simply in low states of health. So when a new bug arrives it takes its toll. Chronic fear of disease coupled with hard economic times and sparse incomes for most IS STRESS! STRESS weakens immune strength and an acute red-lined corona scare absolutely increases susceptibility and terminal outcomes. This is not to say flus are harmless or that containment efforts are wrong, but to shout that our consolidated corporate media is a large part of the problem.

Even after corona subsides and we find ourselves deeper in debt, The REAL PRE-EXISTING CONDITION will remain. They are built into our industrial paradigm, defended tooth and nail by entrenched monopolies; an economy built on war, toxic chemicals, nutritionally defective foods and a greedy medical establishment. Toady bureaucrats, a complicit university system and the dishonest media keep the public bamboozled and in the dark.

A few pointed questions allow logic to kick in. Why were test kits such a big deal, since people know when they are sick? Why are infection and death rates publicized hourly, a practice never before used when numbers of “normal” fatalities from heart attacks, pneumonia, medical error, car accidents and suicides are rarely listed; which goes back to the semi-accurate test kits and bean counters’ desire to count beans? Why are innovative physicians’ opinions not aired when system docs have no solid immune-boosting ideas and have become Fauci’s echo chamber? Now that trillions have been extorted from congress we can expect the full court press media fear campaign to ease.

Our immunodeficiency can be likened to overcrowded animal feedlots where cows, chickens and hogs are fed grains and soy without benefit of vitamin rich green pastures, fresh air and exercise while being given drugs and synthetic supplements to make up for poor cultural conditions. These short-lived creatures are not healthy or happy but kind of look like real meats, milk and eggs in the grocery store. Fat balances and nutritional contents of these animal products make them counterfeit compounding the damage done by the other processed junk part of the American diet.

All our grain-based processed foods are filled with deadly vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup, cheap salt, preservatives, colorants and artificial flavors. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum along with pesticides like Roundup contaminate everything; just get a hair analysis and see. Chemically grown fruits and vegetables are deficient in vitamins and minerals, but not pesticide residues.

Most Americans are beset with ABCDEK vitamin deficiencies, lack minerals like magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, sulfur and iodine and so their biochemistry becomes crippled. A high sugar, cheap carb, processed food diet prevents efficient metabolism to power the organism and invites pathogens and cancers.

Where in hell are our esteemed medical authorities? They allow this toxic fake food industry to fly under the radar as they blame germs, genetics and “lack of drugs” for our ongoing and under-publicized disease epidemic. In fact they deny all common sense prevention while engaging in ultra-complex ultra-expensive research to “find cures” for maladies they allowed and abetted. Why haven’t they recommended large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and selenium at least? Or warned people to avoid sugar, aspirin and ibuprofen? They design “science” to benefit the pharmacare monopoly and cherry-pick studies and sketchy statistics as “proof.” Despite the excellence in trauma and acute care, many malpracticing “doctors” are over-educated idiots, while those who “found out” treat their families appropriately and eat organic, but lack the fortitude to challenge their profession or risk their livelihood. It’s the system stupid.

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