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New stuff…Old stuff;

New Stuff….Old Stuff

Ego vs ?

It was shown via germ warfare experiments in the 1940s that when townspeople were forewarned and frightened, they succumbed to a bio-weapon release in much greater numbers than those unaware of an identical attack.  This “phenomenon” is easily explained given the effect of fear on the autonomic nervous system.  Autonomics have two modes of function; 1) The Sympathetic fight/flight response where cortisol and other stress hormones shut down the immune/repair system… and 2)  The Parasympathetic relaxed/fearless/happy side which promotes pleasant brain hormones, health and healing.  So what effect do you think mass-media hysteria over a covid 19 pandemic had on the public psyche?  The panic was reinforced by lockdowns, distancing, masking and inflamed by “expert” statements that there was no cure for this “deadly” virus. This psy-op attack rendered many ill who otherwise might have had mild or no symptoms whether the virus actually existed or not simply by manipulating their hormones! Now today, those who succumbed to non-stop pressure to get vaxxed are suffering adverse effects and death in greater numbers than from the original flu itself. Many previously exposed to the virus are already immune! Others dispirited by isolation and lockdowns suffered depression, addictions and suicide in total surrender to hopelessness from stress; an attack on their very will to live.

The greater lesson here is that what you believe can keep you healthy or make you sick. This fact is widely present in medical literature. And that leads to the psycho-spiritual nature of the ego and higher states of consciousness. We are each named at birth, given a “handle” and construct our egos around Jack or Jill, I/me/mine.  That ego separates us from others and nature itself, and becomes a source of praise or shame. Eventually selfishness, fear and lying evolve with all the other stresses, peccadilloes and perversions noticed across the human species.  One aspect of the ego not present in animals, who for all intents and purpose possess immortal residence in the present, is “Death-consciousness.” It haunts humans given to lingering in the past or future.  One’s name-label/ego becomes a hormonal “handle” to be manipulated through fear and anxiety by clever others.  Wild animals do have fear in the immediate sense of “here comes a bear” but otherwise live worry free!  The antidote to this egoic fear, selfishness and the spectre of death is detachment, objective clear perception and living now in mindfull unconditional love. Most of us exist in a “bi-polar” balance of these two states until we recognize the invisible gravitational drag of being ego-locked and rise to higher consciousness. By recognizing and commanding that self involved ego “handle” we attain freedom, peace of mind and enlightenment.

I’m no psychologist or spiritual guru, but my cheap dirty fix for covid anxiety is an attitude of apathy. First avoid fearful thoughts and contrived complexities to cleanse and streamline my mental environment. Thoughts become things when persisted in and focused intent is like a prayer that is always answered (Good stuff or that feared materialize)…Then as I have always noticed; “Things go best when I purely don’t give a rat’s ass.”  Professional types would politely call that “Detachment from outcome.” Fear, anxiety and obsessing over conditions invokes a countervailing energy from the universe!  I have found this approach to work in daily living.

Eckhart Tolle is a good resource on matters of the ego.  Iceman Wim Hof uses cold and breathing techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic by challenging his body with physical stress to release adrenaline, to restore the damage of sympathetic dominance caused by staying in a comfort zone and unwittingly sustaining chronic stress that produces cortisol and inflammation. Don’t forget the other nutritional, detoxification and lifestyle elements that contribute to mind function.

Frequency entrainment;

MIT studies recently found that  pulsating 40hz sound and light waves activate glial cells which support neurons in the brain.. in attempt to conquer Alzheimer’s dementia in mice (haha). By experiencing 40hz frequencies, one’s brain wave frequency comes to entrain with the same healing 40hz beats.  The idea is not new!  Thousands of years of architectures resonating sound at certain frequencies have been quantified via archeo-acoustic data…Such as in Malta’s underground stone Hypogeum, aboriginal drumming and the echoes of hymns and chants within many cathedrals…all to instill religious experience by driving brain waves into creative dream-like and transcendental realms. One can find 40hz binaural beats on you tubes along with many other frequencies as well for your personal experimentation…

Listening to 40hz beats gave me an instant headache for a few minutes which quickly faded..showing proof that sound did something? This encouraged further experiments into dozens of other frequencies which will appear beside the you tube 40hz audio you select. Maybe it does something to our “Inner Ocean,” our cellular water matrix?  Dr. Emoto’s water crystallization experiments show discordant formations when played hard-rock music or given hateful thoughts, but beautiful coherent snowflake patterns when exposed to classical symphonies and loving intention. Dr. Gerald Pollock’s work found water becomes energized and gains electric potential through light/heat/sound inputs. Since we are 90% H2O molecules, one thing we can definitely conclude; water is the basis of life. The once forbidden Rife machine operates on frequencies tuned to relieve specific conditions and destroy pathogens. There are also countless electromagnetic and musical sound applications not to mention the the simple free chanting of “aum.”

With our eyes glued to a TV screen, we tend to ignore the audio which may contain discordant frequencies or even subliminal messaging.  “The audio is half the video.”

Nebulizer solutions…Now NAC.

Over 15yrs ago I successfully used and recommended “huffing” 3% hydrogen peroxide from a nasal spray bottle via mouth 3-4Xs every few hours if necessary….and received many positive reports from folks treating bronchial infections, COPD and asthma. With the advent of covid treatment protocols from such alt-med luminaries as Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Paul Marek nebulizing H2O2 took off.  Dilutions of .1 to .5 % H2O2 have been mentioned. Some added 2 drops of 2.5% iodine along with peroxide to a nebulizer cup while others used baking soda, NAC or colloidal silver solutions. Though I’ve taken NAC orally for many years, I since have found NAC particularly effective when nebulized… It not only activates and protects macrophages in lung tissues, it boosts liver function, reduces angiogenesis in hypoxic/cancerous tissues, helps detoxify the body, but is “mucolytic” causing cleansing mucus to flow.  I used about a third of a 750mg NAC cap dissolved in enough water to fill the 15-20ml nebulizer cup. Concentrations are fairly arbitrary and also depend on duration of use.  NAC may make one cough a bit at first, but continue inhaling through mouth and or nose for about 5 minutes, several Xs/day.

Spurred by FDA murmurs, Amazon recently stopped selling NAC, though it is readily available from , Nutricost and other supplement companies.  Nebulizers of many different styles are available through Amazon and drug stores.  It is wise to keep food grade 35% H2O2 on hand/stored in freezer to be diluted 11Xs for a safe usable 3% concentration. It is also good to have a bottle or two of Lugol’s 2.5% iodine, several kilos of pure Vit C/ascorbic acid and boxes of baking soda in the cabinet. You don’t want to shop or wait for delivery when these first-line treatments are needed! You want all the oxygen you can get!

Again biology is based on redox balances;  e-electrons form bonds and build life’s molecules while electron hungry oxidants and acids tear them apart. Pretty damn simple, eh.

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