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In the years following release of Forbidden Healing, I am solidly gratified that my protocol has stood the test of time.  Nevertheless my understanding of life as an electrical phenomenon has deepened and been reinforced by many doctors and scientists.  You can follow the progression of posts under News/Comments, but I thought I’d summarize some of the main points.

Metabolism;  Besides the ingestion of electron rich antioxidants, polyphenols and their precursors; the mitochondrial production of ATP voltage came more into focus.

   Through Dr. Margreet Vissers, NZ, Antioxidant Studies,  I learned of HIF 1, Hypoxic Induction Factor..triggered by a lack of oxygen which leads to acidity, inefficient anaerobic fermentation and angiogenesis common in cancers and chronic disease…Lacking oxygen, mitochondria incur a buildup of lactic acid and free radicals…much like a tired muscle, yet we don’t actually notice pain…and this occurs via an overload of glucose fuel with a lag in oxygen delivery. The energy producing Krebs cycle is a rate and ratio dependent O2/fuel balance, where it takes time for oxygen to arrive.  HIF also involves a lack of… guess?  Yes, Vitamin C!  The problem is that as mitochondrial e- ATP electron generation declines, acidity grows, O2 is inhibited becoming H2O, body voltage drops, cells sustain oxidative damage and cannot replicate. Health and vitality decline.  Oxidative damage can be addressed and inflammation reduced with Megadosing Vit C and plentiful other antioxidants, but metabolic output must ultimately be increased. Thus intermittent fasting/ low sugar diets, grounding, hydrogen/oxygen therapies,  and alkalizing breathing exercises are obvious remedies.  Try this breathing exercise thanks to Win Hof “Iceman”;  .

High school science tells the tale of acid-base and oxidation-reduction (redox) chemistry; the positive-negative/boy-girl dance of electrons and protons that animate the universe.  pH is a convenient measure of the prevalence of acidic protons vs that of alkaline electrons. A simple electrical attraction/repulsion balance becomes confused only by the language involved. All-disease>> equals inflammation>> equals oxidative stress/rusting/burning where cell molecules are torn apart by other positively charged molecules stripping electrons from electron bonds. Cellular integrity is maintained when an electron-rich terrain rules so that molecules can form and maintain bonds, DNA/enzymes can perform and cell structures remain intact And don’t neglect the connective tissue matrix that holds us all together and conducts electric charge (Chi).  Skin, bones, blood vessel-intestinal linings, joints and fascia are built of and maintained by Vitamin C plus the amino acids lysine/proline best sourced in complexed form from bone/cartilage broths (homemade soups and stocks..not muscle meats).

Years ago, the cold hard objective universe spoke to me in no uncertain terms; “IT’S ALL ABOUT CHARGE TERRAIN, STUPID!”…Not the leaky “Germ Theory” or the spooky ” It’s your genes” idea or “cholesterol mythology” where in fact unsaturated vegetable oils are toxic and saturated stable animal fats are preferred.

Redox Detox Details;

It is becoming more and more obvious that heavy metals, organo-pesticides and drugs in air, food and water are a major vector of chronic disease, not only as oxidative stressors, hormonal disrupters and voltage killers, but as adjuncts to covid susceptibility and vaxxxine clotting in metal-studded small blood vessels throughout brain/heart/lung tissues.

I had shown through successive hair analyses that Megadosing Vit C along with chelators like chlorella, clays, charcoal and sulfur compounds definitely reduced mercury, cadmium free iron, copper, arsenic, lead and nickel at least!..More targeted options have appeared;

*Aluminum, the most common toxic metal according to my hair analysis lab is best eliminated through silica-rich things like horsetail, cucumbers, silica supplements and Fiji water.

*Fluorides can be reduced using Borax; 1tsp/1 liter of water to be sipped daily, an old tactic used to decalcify the pineal gland. The intake of iodine also helps purge lighter halogens like Fl/Cl/Br.

*Lead is reduced through Mega C and chelators, but also cilantro…Pharmaceutical chelation is an option using EDTA, but as with all detoxification efforts attention must be paid to magnesium and potassium depletion.

*Glyphosate/Roundup; The use of glycine is a recommended detoxifier along with sulfur compounds and manganese. Avoid GMO corns, soy, wheat, rices.

*Calcium, iron and copper were fingered by Dr. Thomas Levy as deadly(see many youtube lectures).  Calcium depletion in bones and deposition in tissues is a result of scurvy; low Vitamin C levels. Free Iron uncomplexed as ferritin causes oxidative damage as does xcess copper. Copper also encourages angiogenesis in hypoxic cancerous conditions which feed tumors with more glucose and can be scrubbed with NAC.

*Spike proteins; Though unstudied, the use of proteolytic enzymes is a logical antidote…Serrapeptase, nattokinase, lumbrokinase, bromelain and papain cleave unwanted proteins and cut through fibrin films (The scar tissue that is part of an inflammatory response). Use NAC orally/nebulized together with proteolytic enzymes.

*Graphene is thought to be included in covid vaxxxes. Graphene oxide is a toxic oxidative stressor, so Mega C is first thought. It can be eliminated through the use of kaolin clay, humic/fulvic acids/shilajit and zeolites.

Blood tests do not reveal heavy metal burdens so a hair analysis which also measures mineral levels is invaluable..What metals need be addressed?  How are your mineral deficiencies/excesses?  The beauty of Mega C is that it charge neutralizes positive metal ions and mobilizes them into the blood stream where they can be chelated and excreted.  NAC, RALA, chlorophyll, onions, garlic, brassicas, elemental sulfur and sulfurous compounds aid detoxification efforts as they help generate protective antioxidant glutathione and Vitamin D. Sodium, potassium and magnesium are depleted in detox protocols and should be supplemented. A, B, D, E, K vitamins are important too as are sauna and sunshine.

It is my opinion that environmental toxins and deficient processed foods along with the media overload of psychological stress diminish the health of Americans and are co-factors in the severity of covid 19…each reducing body voltage and immune strength. Therefore dietary correction and “shotgun” detoxing is a modern imperative and lifestyle essential. Do have a hair mineral/metal analysis “to know thyself.”  Information is nice to have, but continuous remedial application gets stuff done.  Oxidation as a main immune feature is carried out by hydrogen peroxide, generated in extracellular fluids by Mega dose Vit C and within well charged macrophages to destroy pathogens and cell debris. Neutrophils working within lungs carry captured pathogen invaders to macrophage disposal units, but with underpowered macrophages; neutrophils back up and congest lung tissues obstructing oxygen penetration. This the respiratory portion of covid, potentially leading to pneumonia and death. And this where nebulized H2O2 and iodine oxidatively destroy viruses taking the load off macrophages as nebulized NAC increases cleansing mucous flow and glutathione production. A more complete covid protocol also includes Vitamin B1, zinc, selenium, magnesium and the realization that media fear mongering becomes disease itself!

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New stuff…Old stuff;

New Stuff….Old Stuff

Ego vs ?

It was shown via germ warfare experiments in the 1940s that when townspeople were forewarned and frightened, they succumbed to a bio-weapon release in much greater numbers than those unaware of an identical attack.  This “phenomenon” is easily explained given the effect of fear on the autonomic nervous system.  Autonomics have two modes of function; 1) The Sympathetic fight/flight response where cortisol and other stress hormones shut down the immune/repair system… and 2)  The Parasympathetic relaxed/fearless/happy side which promotes pleasant brain hormones, health and healing.  So what effect do you think mass-media hysteria over a covid 19 pandemic had on the public psyche?  The panic was reinforced by lockdowns, distancing, masking and inflamed by “expert” statements that there was no cure for this “deadly” virus. This psy-op attack rendered many ill who otherwise might have had mild or no symptoms whether the virus actually existed or not simply by manipulating their hormones! Now today, those who succumbed to non-stop pressure to get vaxxed are suffering adverse effects and death in greater numbers than from the original flu itself. Many previously exposed to the virus are already immune! Others dispirited by isolation and lockdowns suffered depression, addictions and suicide in total surrender to hopelessness from stress; an attack on their very will to live.

The greater lesson here is that what you believe can keep you healthy or make you sick. This fact is widely present in medical literature. And that leads to the psycho-spiritual nature of the ego and higher states of consciousness. We are each named at birth, given a “handle” and construct our egos around Jack or Jill, I/me/mine.  That ego separates us from others and nature itself, and becomes a source of praise or shame. Eventually selfishness, fear and lying evolve with all the other stresses, peccadilloes and perversions noticed across the human species.  One aspect of the ego not present in animals, who for all intents and purpose possess immortal residence in the present, is “Death-consciousness.” It haunts humans given to lingering in the past or future.  One’s name-label/ego becomes a hormonal “handle” to be manipulated through fear and anxiety by clever others.  Wild animals do have fear in the immediate sense of “here comes a bear” but otherwise live worry free!  The antidote to this egoic fear, selfishness and the spectre of death is detachment, objective clear perception and living now in mindfull unconditional love. Most of us exist in a “bi-polar” balance of these two states until we recognize the invisible gravitational drag of being ego-locked and rise to higher consciousness. By recognizing and commanding that self involved ego “handle” we attain freedom, peace of mind and enlightenment.

I’m no psychologist or spiritual guru, but my cheap dirty fix for covid anxiety is an attitude of apathy. First avoid fearful thoughts and contrived complexities to cleanse and streamline my mental environment. Thoughts become things when persisted in and focused intent is like a prayer that is always answered (Good stuff or that feared materialize)…Then as I have always noticed; “Things go best when I purely don’t give a rat’s ass.”  Professional types would politely call that “Detachment from outcome.” Fear, anxiety and obsessing over conditions invokes a countervailing energy from the universe!  I have found this approach to work in daily living.

Eckhart Tolle is a good resource on matters of the ego.  Iceman Wim Hof uses cold and breathing techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic by challenging his body with physical stress to release adrenaline, to restore the damage of sympathetic dominance caused by staying in a comfort zone and unwittingly sustaining chronic stress that produces cortisol and inflammation. Don’t forget the other nutritional, detoxification and lifestyle elements that contribute to mind function.

Frequency entrainment;

MIT studies recently found that  pulsating 40hz sound and light waves activate glial cells which support neurons in the brain.. in attempt to conquer Alzheimer’s dementia in mice (haha). By experiencing 40hz frequencies, one’s brain wave frequency comes to entrain with the same healing 40hz beats.  The idea is not new!  Thousands of years of architectures resonating sound at certain frequencies have been quantified via archeo-acoustic data…Such as in Malta’s underground stone Hypogeum, aboriginal drumming and the echoes of hymns and chants within many cathedrals…all to instill religious experience by driving brain waves into creative dream-like and transcendental realms. One can find 40hz binaural beats on you tubes along with many other frequencies as well for your personal experimentation…

Listening to 40hz beats gave me an instant headache for a few minutes which quickly faded..showing proof that sound did something? This encouraged further experiments into dozens of other frequencies which will appear beside the you tube 40hz audio you select. Maybe it does something to our “Inner Ocean,” our cellular water matrix?  Dr. Emoto’s water crystallization experiments show discordant formations when played hard-rock music or given hateful thoughts, but beautiful coherent snowflake patterns when exposed to classical symphonies and loving intention. Dr. Gerald Pollock’s work found water becomes energized and gains electric potential through light/heat/sound inputs. Since we are 90% H2O molecules, one thing we can definitely conclude; water is the basis of life. The once forbidden Rife machine operates on frequencies tuned to relieve specific conditions and destroy pathogens. There are also countless electromagnetic and musical sound applications not to mention the the simple free chanting of “aum.”

With our eyes glued to a TV screen, we tend to ignore the audio which may contain discordant frequencies or even subliminal messaging.  “The audio is half the video.”

Nebulizer solutions…Now NAC.

Over 15yrs ago I successfully used and recommended “huffing” 3% hydrogen peroxide from a nasal spray bottle via mouth 3-4Xs every few hours if necessary….and received many positive reports from folks treating bronchial infections, COPD and asthma. With the advent of covid treatment protocols from such alt-med luminaries as Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Paul Marek nebulizing H2O2 took off.  Dilutions of .1 to .5 % H2O2 have been mentioned. Some added 2 drops of 2.5% iodine along with peroxide to a nebulizer cup while others used baking soda, NAC or colloidal silver solutions. Though I’ve taken NAC orally for many years, I since have found NAC particularly effective when nebulized… It not only activates and protects macrophages in lung tissues, it boosts liver function, reduces angiogenesis in hypoxic/cancerous tissues, helps detoxify the body, but is “mucolytic” causing cleansing mucus to flow.  I used about a third of a 750mg NAC cap dissolved in enough water to fill the 15-20ml nebulizer cup. Concentrations are fairly arbitrary and also depend on duration of use.  NAC may make one cough a bit at first, but continue inhaling through mouth and or nose for about 5 minutes, several Xs/day.

Spurred by FDA murmurs, Amazon recently stopped selling NAC, though it is readily available from , Nutricost and other supplement companies.  Nebulizers of many different styles are available through Amazon and drug stores.  It is wise to keep food grade 35% H2O2 on hand/stored in freezer to be diluted 11Xs for a safe usable 3% concentration. It is also good to have a bottle or two of Lugol’s 2.5% iodine, several kilos of pure Vit C/ascorbic acid and boxes of baking soda in the cabinet. You don’t want to shop or wait for delivery when these first-line treatments are needed! You want all the oxygen you can get!

Again biology is based on redox balances;  e-electrons form bonds and build life’s molecules while electron hungry oxidants and acids tear them apart. Pretty damn simple, eh.

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The Word is “REDOX”

Think about it or just trust me for the moment; REDOX is the basis of the universe, all life, disease and healing. Were there not a positive/negative charge difference between particles, everything would be neutral and inert. Energy in the form of e- electrons with resultant electromagnetic fields and frequencies are responsible for weather, the animation of all living and form electron bonds which hold atoms together to form complex molecules. Protons/acids anchor those negative charges, but can also break bonds by usurping electrons. This oxidation of electrons deconstructs pathogens and cell debris as part of an immune response featuring hydrogen peroxide, All biochemical behavior is driven by redox; oxidation/reduction, building and tearing down mega-molecules; the flow and sometimes violent exchange of electrons!

Biochemistry is always downstream from charge terrain or oxidation reduction potential(ORP) which tracks pH and the balance of protons vs electrons. Attractions, repulsions and molecular geometry determine which molecules go where, which combine and which are torn apart. Genetic expression, enzyme production, metabolic e- energy production, oxygen survival/delivery/blood viscosity and cell behaviors are all predicated on charge. “All, none and every” are not words used lightly, but when modern medicine relies on tinkering with discrete biochemical events, it fishes downstream from the redox source and is usually ineffective and problematic. Still they search for expensive “cures” as they ignore the basic essential conditions required by life to self heal. The analogy is a hamfisted mechanic who finds the car radio and other accessories malfunctioning, pulls them out for benchwork, but never checks the battery and voltage supply. He winds up with an expensive mess when all those problems could have been solved with a …fresh battery.

In a living body e- electron voltage is mostly supplied by mitochondria as they metabolize glucose and fats with O2 oxygen to generate ATP electrons. e- electrons are also supplied by various electron-rich antioxidants, the earth’s negative charge as well as direct energy inputs to our H2O water-matrix/charge-terrain via heat/light/sound. Then again, like lights left on overnight in the car; acids, oxidants, metals, toxins and fearful emotions oppose and drain charge. So the goal of health and healing involves maximizing e- voltage production and assimilation while minimizing voltage drain, oxidative stress and cell deterioration.

Even modern pharmaceutical medicine cites inflammation as the root of disease…ongoing oxidative stress caused by the above voltage-draining factors or an immune reaction to infection. Oxidation is what immune response relies upon to destroy pathogens and defective cells; basically the production of hydrogen peroxide in fluids and phages to oxidize and dismantle those positively charged toxic molecules. When oxidative stress is ongoing from metals, organic toxins and emotional stress; cell structures, DNA/RNA and other critical molecules are degraded and lose function.

This foundational chemistry is not only hidden but forbidden in mainstream scientific thought. Downstream Poindexters work tirelessly at ultracomplex solutions to simple redox problems. It’s the money baby, the system, and we all must obey the authoritarian rule of our minds washed in an artificial techno-narrative. What could go wrong? Look around. Everything!

The majority of Americans are only marginally healthy and do not run on peak healthy voltages, therefore are immuno compromised to some degree or other. There are no consistent preventive recommendations..reflected in disease stats of common chronic diseases that never needed to be.

When political correctness and the narrative diverge from the truth, we are caught in a lie with little hope of reconnecting to reality. Is this not the hijacking of sanity and human civilization? Scientists agree we are diving into a global extinction event yet our industrial paradigm persists through deception, distraction, disinformation; dishonesty. The source of our global disease can only be the selfish psychopathic egos of small immoral men who have come to control reality and mankind. Ongoing implosions and ugly consequences are the result of their lack of conscience, their hubris and insanity. Pity belongs to the naive masses who have been taught to look up to wealth, celebrity and the authority conferred by money grubbing universities… in envious worship and obedience to these human parasites who have never known love. One can only pray that hell is real and the dastardly elite will meet a final reward.

Life on earth is beset by acidic hypoxic oxidative stress at the hands of our antiquated and inappropriate industry. That’s the underlying bottomline.



The Real Pre-existing Condition

The American population has been immune-compromised for decades with an ongoing epidemic of cancer, diabetes and all other chronic disease. People are simply in low states of health. So when a new bug arrives it takes its toll. Chronic fear of disease coupled with hard economic times and sparse incomes for most IS STRESS! STRESS weakens immune strength and an acute red-lined corona scare absolutely increases susceptibility and terminal outcomes. This is not to say flus are harmless or that containment efforts are wrong, but to shout that our consolidated corporate media is a large part of the problem.

Even after corona subsides and we find ourselves deeper in debt, The REAL PRE-EXISTING CONDITION will remain. They are built into our industrial paradigm, defended tooth and nail by entrenched monopolies; an economy built on war, toxic chemicals, nutritionally defective foods and a greedy medical establishment. Toady bureaucrats, a complicit university system and the dishonest media keep the public bamboozled and in the dark.

A few pointed questions allow logic to kick in. Why were test kits such a big deal, since people know when they are sick? Why are infection and death rates publicized hourly, a practice never before used when numbers of “normal” fatalities from heart attacks, pneumonia, medical error, car accidents and suicides are rarely listed; which goes back to the semi-accurate test kits and bean counters’ desire to count beans? Why are innovative physicians’ opinions not aired when system docs have no solid immune-boosting ideas and have become Fauci’s echo chamber? Now that trillions have been extorted from congress we can expect the full court press media fear campaign to ease.

Our immunodeficiency can be likened to overcrowded animal feedlots where cows, chickens and hogs are fed grains and soy without benefit of vitamin rich green pastures, fresh air and exercise while being given drugs and synthetic supplements to make up for poor cultural conditions. These short-lived creatures are not healthy or happy but kind of look like real meats, milk and eggs in the grocery store. Fat balances and nutritional contents of these animal products make them counterfeit compounding the damage done by the other processed junk part of the American diet.

All our grain-based processed foods are filled with deadly vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup, cheap salt, preservatives, colorants and artificial flavors. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum along with pesticides like Roundup contaminate everything; just get a hair analysis and see. Chemically grown fruits and vegetables are deficient in vitamins and minerals, but not pesticide residues.

Most Americans are beset with ABCDEK vitamin deficiencies, lack minerals like magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, sulfur and iodine and so their biochemistry becomes crippled. A high sugar, cheap carb, processed food diet prevents efficient metabolism to power the organism and invites pathogens and cancers.

Where in hell are our esteemed medical authorities? They allow this toxic fake food industry to fly under the radar as they blame germs, genetics and “lack of drugs” for our ongoing and under-publicized disease epidemic. In fact they deny all common sense prevention while engaging in ultra-complex ultra-expensive research to “find cures” for maladies they allowed and abetted. Why haven’t they recommended large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and selenium at least? Or warned people to avoid sugar, aspirin and ibuprofen? They design “science” to benefit the pharmacare monopoly and cherry-pick studies and sketchy statistics as “proof.” Despite the excellence in trauma and acute care, many malpracticing “doctors” are over-educated idiots, while those who “found out” treat their families appropriately and eat organic, but lack the fortitude to challenge their profession or risk their livelihood. It’s the system stupid.


My Corona….

My Corona (due to overloaded spam filters on website, direct contact is via [email protected] )

Simple logic will tell ya that this corona virus scare is a scam to render the public helpless and further tighten the grip of the medical establishment. They have no cure, they like posting numbers of dead to induce mass hysteria. Every flu season produces similar numbers though never publicized. Flu vaccines in the past never seem to show statistical advantage, but soon they will mandate vaccination which will arrive after the majority of people were infected, recovered and have attained natural immunity. As with 9/11, public fear acts as distraction from other hidden agendas. Stop listening to over-educated (read; trained) idiots! The media echo chamber makes it all seem real.

I recovered from West Nile a few yrs ago where the symptoms were joint ache, fever and brain swelling which proved fatal for many. I simply took Vitamin C in large doses every 3-4 hrs…Ditto Covid 19 I contracted at the end of February…This virus began with familiar head/body ache, mild fever and diarrhea… I jumped on Vit C megadose and never experienced any respiratory symptoms which are proving fatal to immune compromised/untreated individuals who eventually drown in their own lung fluids.

Our criminally dishonest “medical experts” refuse scientifically proven “alternative” therapies. Trolls and shills liken any sound “home remedy” to drinking bleach, so most folks swallow this deadly champagne of doubt instead. In my studied opinion our medical system does wonders in trauma and acute areas, but is a well entrenched extortion racket where most chronic and infectious diseases are maltreated by symptom with dangerous drugs. A holistic approach restores normal biochemistry, oxygen penetration and cell function so the body can self heal.

The use of IV Vitamin C in China and holistic circles has been erased from mainstream media and internet sources. Why? Why would any doctor refuse to use safe vitamin, mineral, natural antivirals, hyperthermic or oxygen therapies. “Medical experts” claim over and over again to have no proven therapies as they long for mass vaccinations in the too late future? A very few doctors and hospitals are now calling up IV sodium ascorbate for their acutely ill patients, but this fact will likely be censored too. Letting this secret out of the bag would threaten the income of a major sector of our rapacious economy.

Practical steps to prevent or ameliorate flus and all other chronic diseases.

Oral megadose Vitamin C…2-8 GRAMS of ascorbic acid/Vitamin C mixed with half as much baking soda in a quarter cup of water (yields sodium ascorbate)..fizz..drink..up to every 3 hrs…Once bowel tolerance is found, continue with slightly lower doses. For serious cases add Lipo C or go to IV Vitamin C. IV C is not standard practice at hospitals, many will claim they do not have sodium ascorbate solutions..Hopefully this denial of appropriate treatment will lead to lawsuits. At risk individuals need to locate a physician who performs IVs just in case. Use ACAM physician finder for one in your area…Vitamin C itself is sold out at stores so try Amazon for NOW or Nutricost for bulk pure non-gmo Vitamin C..or try…In 3lb to 5 kilo jars…Since most Vitamin C comes from China, supplies may run out.

Arm&Hammer baking soda alone is helpful to alkalize blood so it can carry more oxygen; 1/2 tsp every few hrs in water….Vitamin D is another essential nutrient obtained via sunshine or cod liver oil which also contains Vitamin A. Minerals; magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine sulfur are important as well as NAC, RALA and Vit B1 and K2…Coconut oil, oregano oil, colloidal silver, elderberry and garlic are a few antivirals. Probiotics. Hyperbaric oxygen, molecular hydrogen, ozone and a breathing exercise like Iceman Wim Hof instructs ( ) destroy pathogens and restore electron energy to the system. Hyperthermia also destroys pathogens; try sauna and hot/cold showers. Feeling ill requires informed action, not stupefying fear.

How/Why? Viruses, like other pathogens and toxins are generally positively charged and depend on that paucity of electrons to attach to cells..Massive electron inputs cripple this attraction rendering neutrality; Vitamin C electrons, antioxidants and alkalizing inputs increase oxygen perfusion like Iceman hyperventillation followed by breath hold.

The danger with viruses is an overwhelming cytokine storm leading to systemic inflammation featuring encephalitis or pneumonia. Vitamin C reduces brain swelling and dampens the oxidative cytokine storm, respiratory distress and systemic sepsis. Pneumonia winds up to be the killer where the lungs’ capacity to remove pathogens and cell debris is overwhelmed. The victim suffocates unable to move oxygen. More precisely, neutrophils pile up in lung tissue when resident macrophages are under supplied with Vitamin C and can not generate H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, needed to incinerate this garbage. Since macrophages concentrate 8000 times more Vitamin C than neighboring cells, you can see how massive inputs of Vitamin C would keep lungs clear and healthy. Mega C orally and via IV infusion also release hydrogen peroxide into extracellular fluids as it raises operational voltage and blood pH.

There are volumes of absolutely solid science behind these statements including Dr. Marik’s IV Vitamin C, B1, hydrocortisone protocol for sepsis, results at the Riordan Clinic/Dr. Levy and research by the Orthomolecular Institute to name a scant few. Medical authorities ignore all this evidence to promote and protect the drug business at the cost of our lives. Nice people, eh? Watch the rest of the agenda unfold behind the smokescreen of this “covid 19 crisis.”

America and industrialized countries are beset with cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc. so the populous is low immune from the get-go. Many think you are born with a certain immune strength when in reality immunity to disease varies constantly with nutrition, vitamin/mineral levels, lifestyle factors and stress. Hair-on-fire media hysteria itself only ruptures sketchy herd immunity.

Hope this helps,
Best Randall