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Cancer Shmancer

For over fifty years, our consolidated corporate media has made cancer into the scariest most profitable disease. Even with “charities,” marches and wars against it; trillions of dollars have had little effect other than enrich fund raisers, researchers and the pharmaceutical medical system. The “cure” and other promises of technology remain just over the rainbow; “Free beer tomorrow!” Like religious “second comings” that have filled collection plates forever, left-brain ego dominant humans never seem to smell a con. Cancer is a fear driven psychology, analogous to war mongering where scared people become putty in the hands of war profiteers.

Truth be told, many cures have come along, yet the high priests of medicine exorcise them like demons by branding them heresy and erecting laws to stop them. While the system does a great job of trauma and acute care, official medicine can hold no integrity when it ignores defective processed nutrition, industrial toxins and can give no straight information on prevention. Because they fixed Johnny’s broke arm or halted grandpa’s stroke does not mean infallibility. Dr. Andrew Weil has always correctly stated that medicine should not be profit driven.

The fact is cancer is simply the apex end-stage chronic disease. Like heart disease, stroke and the ravages of diabetes; it arises simply from acidic hypoxia, flagging cell voltage; oxidative stress. All chronic diseases involve inflammation which is oxidative stress, admittedly the common thread; whether a result of an immune response, some level of toxicity or stress induced sympathetic dominance. Inflammation is an electro-molecular condition where a lack of electron voltage leads to oxidation or rust or burning as the word root -flam- would indicate and the dissolution of the molecules life is made of.

Electron bonds hold life’s molecules together until positively charged oxidants/acids wrench the electron “glue” from these mega molecules like proteins and DNA itself which are reduced to carbon/hydrogen/oxygen/etc. Like wood in a fire they are returned to dust. Immune response on the other hand depends on strong oxidation by hydrogen peroxide to destroy pathogens, cancers and cell debris, but ongoing oxidation is destructive and unwanted. Death of molecules and the disruption of all biological function occurs incrementally due to an acidic/hypoxic/low voltage charge terrain. Modern medicine would never stoop to acknowledge the indisputable fact that life and health were based on simple redox chemistry. Their quest is for wealth and the discovery of a mythical silver bullet to kill equally mythical demons causing disease. To ignore the basic integrity of a biological entity and its nutritional needs to chase down symptoms of it is illogical and a fool’s errand, but fool’s gold is what they seek. The trick is to discover the source of one’s “rusting” and electron loss “shorting-out” the system.

The body generates ATP electrons via metabolizing/burning carbon bonds along with oxygen in a delicate ratio of fuel to air much like the carburetor on a lawnmower engine. When more fuel enters mitochondrial cell engines than oxygen; ATP generation is poor and acids and oxidant free radicals form to gnaw at cell structures. This is a major root of inflammation caused by overeating sugary processed carbs and too much food in general, but by no means the only killer of electron energy and our cells. This is also the little understood reason for the popularity of paleo, keto and detox regimes along with fasting and intermittent fasting that really work to limit inflammation and oxidation of cell structures by improving oxygen saturation and increasing electron voltage output of mitochondria. When fats and glucose are metabolized slowly, oxygen has time to neutralize lactic acids and free radicals just like in a tired crampy muscle. Constant eating and sugar loading outpaces available oxygen creating the very hypoxic condition leading to cancers and chronic disease.

We get electron energy through heat and light which charge our 90% water fraction and receive electrons via antioxidant foods, vitamins, electrolyte minerals and contact with the negatively charged earth. There are also scores of negatory factors which steal and short-out our electrical system like heavy metals, toxins, mineral/protein/fat deficient diets, poor breathing, lifestyle habits and emotional stress. So finding and correcting our energy system means ferreting out sources of inflammation or low body charge. Cells can not function properly nor replicate on voltages below .25V and become senescent sources of toxic chemicals and resistant to autophagy or turn cancerous.

Simply recognizing how our biological machines truly work and produce energy is the heart of prevention and the road to reversing disease. Many alternative physicians are on this right track. Cures for cancers and lesser diseases have been accomplished by scores of accredited holistic doctors using IV Vitamin C along with mineral cocktails including selenium, iodine, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. Some have successfully used GcMAF (macrophage activator), creatine, B 17, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen and molecular hydrogen, herbals like turmeric, garlic, capsaicin, cannabis, mistletoe, mushrooms and even electromagnetic frequency generators such as the Rife Machine.

That which cures can also prevent though prevention is difficult to prove. That said, a diet fully packed with quality proteins and fats, healthier carbs, vitamins, minerals and supplemented to optimize levels goes a long way toward a long active life. Incidental metals and toxins can come like thieves in the night, but can be tested for with an inexpensive hair analysis and mobilized/chelated and eliminated from the body. Americans suffer shamefully from scarce accurate information mixed with loads of disinformation via food, drug and supplement marketer’s mumbo jumbo.

Redox medicine is a simple and revolutionary point of view of life. Elementary molecular attractions and repulsions, and the flow of electrons and the emergence of electromagnetic fields are solid chemistry and physics. Why not start there and reinterpret the health of all life on the planet in terms of this primal energy flow and the factors which promote it or smother it??? A solid understanding can only be built on these most solid of scientific foundations. All life suffers from an electron energy shortage borne of acidic hypoxia and industrial pollution. From this root cause, one can backtrack to real solutions.

?Did conventional medical system doctors ever tell you;

That gum disease, heart disease, chronic infections and joint conditions are basically scurvy, low grade inflammation and are easily reversed with large quantities of electron-packed Vitamin C, collagen and appropriate minerals?

Or that the problem with smoking , like war veterans, firemen and welders experience as a panoply of chronic diseases, is due to heavy metals and oxidized organic toxins…and can be addressed through simple detoxification techniques like Megadose Vitamin C, chlorella, NAC and RALA?

Or that concussions respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) along with nutrient mineral corrections?

Or that sepsis, a massive systemic infection and major killer, is effectively halted using an IV cocktail of Vitamin C, B1 and hydrocortisone? Nope, you’ll die if antibiotics fail. Ditto pneumonias from hospitalizations or the flu.

Or that widespread contamination of food and water supplies with lead, mercury, glyphosate and other toxic molecules remain ignored and untested for as major vectors of disease?

Or that violent criminals are burdened by high levels of copper, low zinc and other mineral irregularities?

Or that our American diet of processed foods and errant chemistry is responsible for most disease? Of course not, it would violate their business model.

The narrative hype, “that techno-solutions for any and every thing are just around the corner,” is so much bullshit. Solutions must come of course through some hypercomplex voodoo science that only needs a few more billions to appear. Occasionally better ideas evolve, but the whole bit serves to drive the public into future hope-ing and wishful thinking…out of the reality of the present moment and into the hands of dream weavers. Free Beer Tomorrow!

I hold that America and the Western world have undergone a religious transformation. We have gone from chained-slaves to dollar slaves, from toti-potent men… to followers of self-appointed rulers… to low-brow worshipers of celebrity, wealth and authority. We bow to the gods of war and the high priests of science, technology and medicine as we are marinated in political drama with its pantheon of players. University ceremonies bestow “legal” licenses in support of a climate of industrial greed where morality and practicality have little place in their church of faux-spirituality, feckless research and social engineering. This is my right-brain big picture world overview, my mastery of the obvious, my predilection for reducing the artificially complex to common denominators; my search for truth and sanity.

Conventional pharma-medicine will never advance while stuck in a “pill for every symptom” thinking. Life is electrical and life must be provided with the necessary conditions to thrive. Healing depends on the return of those conditions and is neither temporary nor expensive.

We have become a gangland-style extortion-nation both domestically and internationally. Our military industrial corporate monopoly set-up is designed to rob the resources of our citizens and every other sovereign country through stealth, regime change or bloody murder. Without a mass awakening we are destined for a future of endless war, fake foods, chemical contamination and environmental devastation where short miserable lives will be best case.


Advanced Detoxification

Fresh information provides new details on toxic metals and treatment protocols. As always I suggest a “shotgun” approach to prevention and healing to cover the bases. The synergistic toxicity of metals and glyphosate/Roundup was new to me, and so I pass it along for your benefit.

Dr. Seneff points out the toxic synergy of metals like Al/Hg/Pb, fluoride and glyphosate where misleading whack-a-mole studies fail to conclude that a single item is responsible for say autism, Alzheimer or the list of other chronic “diseases.” Glyphosate carries these toxins through gut lining and brain barrier as it ties up manganese and other minerals and disables enzymatic pathways. Knowing the problem points to better detoxification protocols. So think not only Mega C and chlorella, but glycine, boron, manganese, fulvic acid, silica, sulfur, Mg, K, etc. along w Intermittent Fasting, exercise, sunshine, sweating and lymph/glymph draining massage techniques…..We are all victims of our industrial/pharmaceutical cesspool to one degree or other wanged by a gang of govt protected players, difficult to finger, feeding off the human herd. Build a better man-trap, create a web of lies and be showered w filthy lucre.

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Best, Randall


Forbidden VITAMIN C The 800lb Gorilla; Why Are We Still Ignoring Energy-based Healing?

Forbidden VITAMIN C
The 800lb Gorilla; Why Are We Still Ignoring Energy-based Healing?

Healing and medical science have become so confusing that practical measures can escape even the most studious physician. We need to simplify protocols and practices that work and skip many downstream details which become irrelevant in basic bio-energetic theory. Remember that we require a certain operational voltage just to remain alive and that addressing energy deficits and redox balances raises all boats because it restores biochemical function to reverse chronic conditions and power immune response. That said, attempting to restore integrity to complex biological systems piecemeal with specific drugs is a fool’s errand, so it is only logical to concentrate on correcting what organic farmers call “cultural practices” to provide the basic conditions needed for the health of all plants and animals. This ain’t rocket science, it’s….Electrons!

It can not be argued that solar photons transformed into energized electrons do not power all living cells and organisms,… or that oxidation, aka oxidative stress, inflammation, burning and rust is the opposing destructive force, so essential in immune response to “burn-up” organic debris, pathogens and cancers. Still few look upstream to the source. Though pharmaceutical interests buried this line of thinking over 50 years ago, it is truly baffling that objective research generally fails to acknowledge the 800lb fact as well; life is governed by redox principles and that raising system voltage is goal one. How can we ignore the findings of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (colleague of Warburg and Krebs) back in 1939 or more recently Linus Pauling and Fredrick Klenner or currently Doctors Thomas Levy, Russel Jaffe, Jack Kruse, Mark Sircus, Suzanne Humphries, Margreet Vissers(NZ), Gerald Pollack, Jerry Tenant, Steve Hickey, Hillary Roberts, Andrew Saul plus , The Riordan Clinic and others?

Be a Crackerjack Mechanic

***Anyone serious about taking control of their health should understand how their body works and avoid the suffering that will undoubtedly ensue in the game of life. Stop and google redox, pH, oxidative stress and inflammation to begin. Then read, study and learn the language of science; look up any terms you are unfamiliar with as well as the physicians and scientists mentioned above. A few hours a week will illuminate the big picture and next year you will know. Develop this practical skill-set and avoid the suffering that comes to the unaware with age. Be responsible for your body, go slow, live well, live long!

En fuego, Inflamm-itis

Redox potential or ORP, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, equates to pH (log of acid-base/proton-electron balance) and describes electron populations and the whole-body charge terrain of biological systems; no electron voltage, no energy, no oxygen, no cell replication, no life,… car no go! Downstream “details” like DNA expression, RNA synthesis of enzymes, telomere preservation and balanced hormone production are all downstream from this unavoidable fact of molecular behavior.

So let’s take a look at what determines this fundamental balance and a few of the factors involved. I would argue that low system charge/low pH/low redox potential (so many confusing synonyms) is the source of most all “disease” which can manifest in an array of symptoms in various parts of the body with hundreds dutifully named and pigeonholed by the healthcare industry. This may seem an extremely bold statement, but since inflammation, the 800lb “-itis” in the room, has been widely recognized as the common denominator of chronic disease, one has only to look at what inflammation is in basic chemical terms. Again, inflammation like rust and fire is a loss of electrons and a balance shift toward oxidation to some degree or other. Science is coming to the realization that positive/negative charge differentials are how the universe, water, weather, gravity, your radio and living organisms work, not to mention the boy-girl thing.

In reality, our falsely celebrated industrial technologies with their sloppy production of faux foods, chemical oxidants and acids pollute the globe and our bodies and ARE THE GLOBAL DISEASE. No scientist has yet been able to find a flaw in this redox approach that has cured millions and better yet, prevented disease in many more. While a handyman might be able to change a tire and trauma centers miraculously put Humpty Dumpty back together again, a master mechanic knows how molecules, charge and systems come together and can prevent or fix any chronic disease.

The Motors

Metabolism is the central generator of voltage/ATPs that power life. We burn electron-rich carbon bonds constructed by photosynthesis in the plant kingdom. These carbon bonds, either directly from sugars/fats/proteins in plant foods or restructured in animals, are processed in our gut system with the help of acids, enzymes and include value added substances produced by beneficial microbes, and is delivered to the liver and on to mitochondrial furnaces. The metabolic efficiency or inefficiency of these electric generators is key and subject to dietary fuel blend, liver function, speed of circulation, delivery of oxygen, antioxidant protection of membranes, availability of various cofactors, expression of DNA, etc.
When too much glucose enters the bloodstream and jams into mitochondria it surpasses oxygen delivery capabilities and an acidic condition results which refuses further oxygen penetration and gnaws away at cell structures; oxidative stress/inflammation. All chronic diseases up to and including cancers start here with a lack of energy. It has been known for over 80 years that cancers are a low oxygen phenomenon where once normal cells are forced into anaerobic fermentation in order to produce energy/electrons/ATPs…. But fermentation is a low-yield pathway harkening back to ancient days before earth had oxygen in its atmosphere. So oxygen/energy/Vitamin C starved cells build capillary networks through a hypoxic reaction in order to survive and begin proliferating like crazy; cancer!
(The obvious analogy here is the ol lawnmower engine; it starts on choke to suck a rich flow of gasoline (like glucose) from the carburetor, but once running must have a much leaner gas to air (oxygen) ratio or it will foul the spark plug, load the combustion chamber with unburnt carbon, sputter and quit.) This is why ketogenic diets, fats over carbs, which relies on things like coconut oil, avocados, nuts, grass fed meats and intermittent fasting have entered the conversation.

Electrical Grid

Body charge is affected by breathing and the electrolyte minerals (magnesium, potassium, sodium and bicarbonate) which transfer electrons and buffer pH in blood and body fluids; we don’t want acidic H+ protons to destroy valuable O2 making water, H2O. Cell membranes must also be charge conductive to transport materials effectively. Made of phospholipids, membrane transport is crippled by sugars, metals and eating oxidized unsaturated fats as found in processed vegetable oils, margarines and trans fats, but improved by detoxing those metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum, etc), reducing high glycemic carb intake and a proper dietary balance of Omega 3 fats and saturated fats.

Also critical is the connective tissue matrix where acupuncture chi flows, electrons of course, and must be maintained with collagenous proteins found in bone broths and constructed with the help of ascorbate/Vitamin C which humans do not produce, but animals do. Think cell structures, tissues, how they are built and how they work on water interfaces and charge separation.

We do manufacture antioxidants, namely glutathione and SOD in house, and also build charge from sunbathing, radiant heat and earthing ostensibly via our main component; water. We gather extra electrons from a multitude of electron rich substances that easily donate electrons like antioxidant vitamins, polyphenols, molecular hydrogen/H2 and negative environmental ions so prevalent in forests and on oceans, all according to intestinal/neurological/emotional tonus. Sadly humans lost the ability to auto-produce Vitamin C ages ago unlike most animals which retain that specific gene.

Power Theft…Run Down Those Shorts

Charge is stolen by inflammation/oxidative stress, now recognized as the mother of all chronic disease and bad ageing. Inflammation is a normal healing immune reaction to pathogens, bio-toxins and stress. Electron theft can become chronic via low grade oxidants like heavy metals that accumulate and may take decades before noticeable symptoms surface. In this category are pharmaceutical drugs, fluoridation, vaccination, dental amalgams and root canals, and deficient toxic sugary processed foods that start with chemical GMO agriculture. Air and water pollution, toothpastes, dental amalgams and infections, body care products, sunscreens, plastics, off-gassing construction materials, dirty electromagnetic sources like cell phones, wifi, certain appliances, fear, unhappiness and lack of sleep pile up. The list goes on…. These dead shorts can be detected with sensitive volt meters in specific areas of the body or systemically via pH tests of saliva, blood and urine. The game of life ends with a dead body-battery; the immune system fails, bacteria and fungi multiply out of control and organ systems shut down.

Dirt in The Tank/ Clogged Filters

Glyphosate and the BT toxin in wheat, corn, oats, legumes and grain fed animal products may be the largest contributor to the explosion of autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, cancers and a broad spectrum of autoimmune conditions from colitis to lupus to MS over the last 25 years. Both of these chemicals cause leaky gut and leaky blood brain barriers. Glyphosate is not only an antibiotic destroying friendly bacteria leading to gut dysbiosis and non production of ketones and serotonin, but it chelates many minerals required in enzymatic processes and antioxidant formation. Roundup as applied to crops contains not only glyphosate, but arsenic, chromium, lead, nickel and various surfactants making the formula a super-deadly combo-brew. Like fluorine compounds, glyphosate can be considered a deadly enzyme poison, tying up zinc, manganese and selenium so critical for essential enzyme production. BT sprayed on caterpillars causes their outer membrane to rupture and they shrivel before your eyes. The BT gene, artificially, transplanted into the DNA of corn can also translocate into gut bacteria, hijacking their biochemistry to continually punch holes in the intestines. Government protective agencies proclaim all this deadly crap is safe?


A good definition of Holistic Practice is the art and science of taking all factors into account under four broad headings; nutrition, toxicities, lifestyle habits and emotional balance. Singular drugs or supplements are usually bad answers promoted on behalf of financial interests and vitamin marketeers; stay tuned, fresh gimmicks based on fragmentary evidence appear constantly so follow the money. And look at the remedies that have been outlawed or discredited by conventional medicine using fraudulent studies (one can also win by sabotaging competition). Things like sunbathing, hyperbaric oxygen, molecular hydrogen, GcMAF (macrophage activating factor), Rife, cannabinoids and the forbidden Vitamin C were made taboo. These off-insurance ideas must come out of pocket, after folks have already been dumbed-down and extorted to pay huge premiums for pharma-care. On the other hand, those who can’t imagine how these “alternative” therapies might work have no inkling that bio-energy is involved in healing and will not use them.

A well nourished, pro-bacterially colonized, properly vitamined and mineralized, exercised and oxygenated organism in a happy unstressed state will produce strong voltage, rapidly eliminate toxins and be free of infections and disease. Unfortunately most Americans are deficient in these areas. When problems crop up there are major pathways to consider and address. Hair metal/mineral analysis, CRP (level of inflammation), pH and Vitamin D3 tests, along with apparent symptoms can help direct corrective measures. Important to note that deficiencies require BIG doses within a comprehensive protocol and time to correct them.

Most health articles focus on named diseases like gingivitis, depression, arthritis, heart disease or cancer usually followed by a drug or supplement recommendation. Instead we can look at correcting life-essential conditions to reverse these low-voltage “diseases” holistically. The goal is to raise bio-energy/body charge/ORP-redox potential which will raise biochemical function and immune strength. You will notice similar hidden elements in effective protocols for a range of conditions. As in a radio or car, fresh batteries pull in distant stations and return function to starters and accessories. A concerted holistic approach targeted upstream simplifies our efforts in organized fashion.

White Gas or Bio-Diesel

Start with the gut and nutritional inputs. The human gut is perfectly analogous to garden soil. There must be organic materials and a bounty of minerals for legions of soil microbes to breakdown and furnish complete nutrition to a plant’s roots. Unknowing farmers poison their soil with toxic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides destroying microbial diversity feeding their pathetic crops directly with chemical mineral salts. Their produce swells quickly with water and looks like the real thing, but has little nutritive value, low antioxidant polyphenol content, poor flavor and only a fraction of the bio-energy found in items grown in live soil. Modern feedlot animals and misled humans have similarly been switched off to an easily absorbed standard American diet of processed grains and sugars. A sugary carb-heavy meal flashes like gasoline, while fats, proteins, complex carbs and vegetables burn slow like diesel.

Sneaky Leaky…Freaky!

Gut biomes are also devastated by sugary carb-heavy meals and do not yield bacterially value-added nutrients or essential immune factors, but become putrid breeding grounds for pathogens and begin to leak their bio-toxins and stray proteins through intestinal linings poisoning the bloodstream. The body reacts by over-producing antibodies and nagalese which down regulates immune macrophage production only to allow systemic infections, cancers, allergies, autism, autoimmune conditions and general inflammation (AKA loss of voltage/redox potential and bio-energy). Vaccines and various substances like mercury, aluminum and protein fragments injected directly into the bloodstream have similar deleterious effects. Many of the wonders of modern technology are killing us and our biosphere. Using a drug to correct conditions resulting from this scenario makes absolutely no sense when you can address problems at the root level. Many times pharmaceuticals multiply the misery. Survival depends on situational awareness of factors that do not directly meet the eye.

My Way

I have found that an organic/non GMO low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet is fundamental. That means gardening and scratch cooking with raw organic produce, meats, raw milks, free range eggs and making bone broths. Next I dose big with sodium ascorbate made from pure Vitamin C crystals fizzed w baking soda and water, on the order of 20 to 50 or more grams per day broken up into bowel tolerance doses taken a half hour before meals and at bedtime. Doses of 100 to 150 grams of ascorbate can be given intravenously in case of poisoning, brain swelling, sepsis, pneumonia or other acute emergency.

In fact it has been found that nearly all hospital admissions when tested are totally depleted of Vitamin C. Countless lives are lost daily because conventional medicine refuses therapeutic infusions of sodium ascorbate and other vitamin/mineral cocktails. Patients could avail themselves of alternative clinics if they were aware of options or could afford these “out of network” treatments. Life should be more precious than ineffective measures and pharmaceutical gold. Sometimes drugs are a quick answer, but usually not.

C Now?

The thing about Vitamin C is that its easily donated electrons immediately begin to raise system charge and drop inflammation, dispel pathogens and toxins. The addition of baking soda pH-neutralizes ascorbic acid turning it into sodium ascorbate and helps alkalize, oxygenate and preserve electrons while improving fluid viscosity and the flow of blood and lymph. Sodium bicarbonate also provides CO2 which provokes red blood cells to release the oxygen they carry just as slow even breathing or muscular exertion do.

Vitamin C is a great detoxifier which demolishes toxins as it charge-mobilizes metals (molecules stick or unstick due to charge attractions/repulsions) to be eliminated with the help of chlorella, charcoal, fulvic acid or clay. Metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium and free iron source oxidative stress by clogging cell membranes and continually catalyzing the production of destructive hydroxyl free radicals… so detox those metals! Hot unpaired reactive oxygen radicals oxidize all cell structures and are responsible for serious inflammation, disease and rapid ageing,

Raising charge powers white cells and macrophage disposal units, and speeds the elimination of toxins that would otherwise stagnate and further steal charge. You will see improved lung function, adrenals and thyroid will perk up, joint pain will decrease and digestion will improve. You will no longer have common colds and bouts with other infections and insect stings will be short lived. Cuts and bruises will heal rapidly. Smokers and COPD sufferers would find relief in improved lung function.

Megadose Vitamin C taken orally or IV also generates hydrogen peroxide, the flipside of anti-oxidant action; pure intra-cellular immune oxidation that destroys pathogens, cancers and cell debris. “Unfortunately” Vitamin C/ascorbic acid in megadose quantities is a cheap commodity only rarely mentioned by health gurus. The common admonition to avoid “synthetic” Vitamin C/ascorbic acid was started by marketeers of pricey C preparations from “natural” sources. You should now know that Vitamin C/sodium ascorbate is used strictly as a bulk electron source orally and via IV, the reason for its effectiveness, and that obtaining therapeutic electron dosages from food sources is absurd, ever try to eat a bushel of limes? Dosage is always individual according to one’s level of inflammation, to quantitatively extinguish the fires of oxidation which result from every insult and the body’s natural reaction to them. The use of food grade hydrogen peroxide itself is another skillset to acquire working the oxidative side of the redox balance against infections and cancers or as the culmination of efforts to reverse autoimmune conditions as it oxidizes old mis-programmed antibodies to end their assault on the nervous system and various organs.

Vitamin C is the key healing and maintenance supplement in my “forbidden protocol” which includes minerals, polyphenols often combined with Vitamin C in pricey supplements, occasional natural antibiotics like oregano oil, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle choices; all in the context of a highly varied and seasonal organic diet. It can be performed safely and inexpensively at home which may explain its lack of popularity across the health industry?

Operational Tips

Vitamin C plus bone broths is what builds and restores connective tissues that make up 60% of the body! Skin, joints, bones, blood vessels, intestinal linings and fascia hold it all together. So it is critical to forego canned soups and make your own stocks from fish heads, beef bones, pig feet, chicken backs or game carcasses. Peasant stocks are key to healthy gravies, sauces, gumbos and rice dishes…Love that Cajun dirty rice!

Vitamin C can be used to remove all toxins and metals that lead to infections, depressions, dementia, cancers, etc.. A few hospitals are currently using IV Vitamin C/thiamine infusions to halt deadly sepsis and improve outcomes. Vitamin C will also help generate nitric oxide to lower blood pressure, scrub plaques and alleviate brain swelling that commonly causes death in cases of viral infections like flu and West Nile.

Vitamin C will recharge Vitamin E, glutathione and other antioxidants.

Pure Vitamin C crystals can be purchased by the pound or kilo as can good ole Arm&Hammer baking soda. It should be kept on hand and used frequently along with charcoal and chlorella. Also keep magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, oregano oil, organic sulfur/MSM, hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar on hand and know how and when to use them. It’s like changing oil, filters, batteries and maintaining tire pressure; avoid being stuck on the side of the road. Prevention!

Things like exercise, sunbathing, sauna, occasional fasting and outdoor recreation intersect with breathing meditations and staying in the eternal infinite now. Recognize the media campaign of fear which shifts one’s autonomic balance from a healing regenerative parasympathetic state to stressed fight-flight sympathetic mode. It tugs at the fearful ego to drop IQ and strips one’s power of will and intent “for the benefit of the herd” as it buries the military industrial agenda deep in the psyche to control the minds of the public. This would include all the gratuitous gun violence and military drama; monkey see… monkey do. Also included in the don’t be fooled category is the network creation of foreign enemies and domestic divisions over political party, racial, gender, religious and sexual orientation lines. Divide and conquer. I would be remiss not to mention all the stressful media drug commercials and cancer scares via “charity” fundraisers in search of cures which have long been known. Resolving old psycho-traumas and grief states has long been known to resolve cancers and other chronic conditions.

Admittedly, natural energy healing is a bit complex, but cheap, doable at home and safe. Many thousands of papers, books and blogs have been written on the subject. It does take some study and discipline to perfect your personal protocol and reclaim vigorous health which comes easily after the big picture comes into focus. An even bigger picture exposes industrial man’s suicidal technologies. Beside weapons and fossil fuels, chemical agriculture and pharmaceutical drugs are the major vectors of disease, infertility and depopulation. Only the aware will survive and reproduce. Is this a conspiracy or simple corporate greed? Is this an artificial evolutionary step to selectively remove the useless among us? Time will tell, or maybe never.

Keep asking yourself questions in an effort to truly understand concepts that linger in the mist and eventually the sun will come out.

Capt. Randall
Post script;
This space usually contains supporting references. Cause and effect is an immutable concept of science and reality. Conventional medicine works backwards (and I do mean backwards) from effects and symptoms through countless complicated studies in search of a cure. An energetic approach works (and I do mean works) from the cause level through the basic sciences to logically impact all biochemical function. Consult physiology, cell biology, chemistry and physics texts. My bioenergetic approach is a fusion of facts derived from these. And yes, most of those complicated official studies actually support this approach and thousands have been dutifully scrutinized.
To quote Galileo, “By denying scientific principles one may sustain any paradox.”

Bio; Capt. Randall is a truth seeker and health researcher…an organic farmer, fisherman and father. He studied chemistry and biology at The University of Florida and muddled through life until he learned the art of independent thinking. His personal evolution followed a spiritual awakening that proceeded from a recognition of the higher consciousness over a selfish/fearful ego. He finally realized that all is illusion and that he needed approval from no-one other than his own higher being. Therein lies the pain of knowing how humanity is deceived, the environment is being destroyed and all life on Earth is in jeopardy.


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An Explosion of Truth, If it Works it Must Be True

Fluoridation, vaccination, environmental contamination, GMO/chemical agriculture and questionable medical practices have all been given the fast shuffle in corporate media; one “expert opinion” and done. These issues are conspicuous by their absence in mainstream discourse which is reflected in a lack of understanding by the public and doctors as well. Why are these topics taboo?

Those whom have dedicated their lives to caring for the sick are some of the finest most intelligent beings on the planet, but have been trained to participate in the pharmaceutical/health insurance industrial complex and may have lost sight of their oaths and scientific curiosity. Conventional practice has recently drifted into alternative realms with the use of probiotics, vitamin IVs and medical marijuana, an area where independent alternative and complimentary clinics have operated for decades,.. under the radar. Alternative treatments which could save lives and safely restore vigorous health are usually not offered through conventional channels or covered by insurers or the media; which leaves the public uninformed and financially stuck in the system where dangerous diagnostics, drugs and side effects actually do do harm.

Doctors are stuck in the system as well, both legally and financially. Many, true to their training and standards of practice cite studies and statistics as gospel not considering the sources, methodology or accuracy. They must also consider the risk of liability if straying from standards of practice. The pharmaceutical industry is a tightly controlled monopoly, heavily involved in lobbying, questionable marketing practices and the funding of medical journals, university medical programs and individual doctors as well as the recipient of favorable government regulations and billions in tax monies. Could these blatant conflicts of interest compromise public health and inflate costs which could be slashed under alternative free-market care? Caveat emptor!

I would suggest that medical professionals peruse objective American and European studies on nutrition, environmental toxins, electronic radiations and efficacious alternatives to their training. Real prevention information is scant and confused by every drug commercial, TV doctor and supplement salesman. Sometimes drugs are an answer, but many times there are better ideas. We are still anchored to cholesterol/saturated fat and germ theories of disease, and the fear of sunbathing along with a naive acceptance of environmental toxins being “at safe EPA levels.” When government agencies refuse to test for many chemicals, pesticides and metals like lead in Flint or perfluorinated fire retardants, the problem simply disappears, eh? Estimates of 700,000 per year lost through hospital error and adverse drug reaction here in the U.S. or 9 million dead worldwide in 2016 from air pollution go unaddressed by “doctors without voices.”

Most chronic diseases result from a bioenergy deficit brought on by metabolic disorders, toxic metals, plastics and organics like Roundup/glyphosate, overuse of antibiotics, feedlot meats, over eating sugary carbs, under exercising, chronic inflammation and infections and emotional/financial distress. Lowered system voltage ( ATPs) and acidic pH mean poor circulation, less oxygen delivered to cells, oxidatively stressed cell components, non expressive DNA, failure of cells to replicate, defective gut biomes, dysfunctional cell membranes, leaky guts and blood/brain barriers, and autonomic nervous system imbalances which lead to compromised immune systems, autoimmune diseases, cellular and organ malfunctions and an A to Z list of symptoms and conditions. Wouldn’t it be wise to approach health problems at their source?

Vaccines for example may provide immunity, but may also disrupt immune function by injecting unwanted proteins and metals into the bloodstream causing nagalese to be produced which down regulates macrophage activation factor, GcMAF; immune macrophages which remove pathogens, cancers and cell debris (*Ruggiero 2017). A high glycemic diet of processed carbs, corn syrups, trans fats and vegetable oils common in the Standard American Diet (SAD) disrupts the microbiome and damages gut lining which causes intestines to similarly leak bio-toxins and foreign proteins into the bloodstream, again releasing nagalese.

Water fluoridation does not even rely on natural calcium/phosphate fluorides first found to strengthen tooth enamel, but other odd ionized industrial waste compounds. Fluorine is found in deadly nerve agents and commonly in dangerous fluroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro. The safety of fluorine compounds is highly questionable with many bad side effects cited. Mandatory insurance, medication, vaccination and fluoridation of tap water is un-American, particularly when objective studies point out flaws in statistic effectiveness. Detractors are shouted down as ignorant by the usual doctors, dental associations and bureaucrats.

Feedlot meats/milks/eggs not only contain antibiotic and chemical residues, but resistant bacteria; why you can’t order your hamburger “rare.” Since confined grain-fed animals are bereft of antioxidants and produce an unhealthy ratio of Omega 3 to 6 fats, like grain-fed humans, consumers of them build faulty cell membranes.

Sugar is “the” gateway drug along with high glycemic processed carbs. Since ketones are made from fats in the liver and not produced by sugars and carbohydrates, alcohol becomes physically addictive because it produces acetone, a ketone which helps the brain maintain some level of energy and chemical balance. Other drugs are also sought to self medicate the absence of essential brain fuel and normal hormone and neurotransmitter production.

Metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum commonly found in fish, some foods, vaccines, amalgam fillings, toothpastes and water generate ROS, reactive oxygen species, which attack cell structures leading to oxidative stress and open invitation to pathogens. Disease generating metal burdens are rarely detected via blood tests, nor correctly addressed. Smoking is definitely detrimental, but why haven’t cadmium, other metals, additives and toxins been fingered as the cause? Why hasn’t the destruction of antioxidants been noted or detoxification protocols suggested? It is estimated that each cigarette smoked consumes over 500mg of antioxidant Vitamin C where equivalent supplementation and detoxification of metals will cancel some of tobacco’s ill effects like gingivitis.

Why did it take so many years to reverse “expert” opinion on saturated fats, condemn sugars, take dangerous drugs like Vioxx and Accutane off the market, approve the use of medical cannabis or restrict opioid over-prescription? Anyone following the twisted path of Florida’s medical marijuana roll-out through scientifically clueless State agencies can only conclude that the marijuana monopoly and State coffers come before the will of the people and long suffering sick.

Isn’t it time the public conversation got past simplistic health tips and weak prevention protocols and brought pharmaceutical voodoo out from behind the corporate curtain? Home remedies, vitamin/mineral supplements and food-based medicines never lost their effectiveness, they were simply dismissed via pharmaceutical correctness…This when the public is largely in marginal heath and deficient in the ABCDEK vitamins, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, sulfur and iodine as well as Omega 3 fats and healthy saturated fats like grass-fed butter, collagen rich bone broths and fiber. Curiously, most hospital admissions are severely deficient in Vitamins C, D and the B-Complex? Since doctors do not have time to educate each patient; those who fail to research and take command of the maintenance of their own bodies usually suffer a painful exit. Cars come with service manuals, people don’t!

A check of alternative and ACAM clinics reveals the use of vitamin/mineral IVs, hyperbaric oxygen therapies, detoxification and cleansing protocols, hydrogen and ozone treatments, dietary and herbal regimens, ketogenics, gut biome restructuring, acupuncture, pulsed lasers…the list goes on. You will not be afforded any of these root-cause level treatments at most major system hospitals, even when their options run out and life depends on it. Take the case of a Va medical school that began halting sepsis w IV Vitamin C and thiamine, or the Mass hospital using a similar vitamin/mineral cocktail for surgical patients or the clinic in Fl addressing concussion and PTSD with hyperbaric oxygen; yes, innovative MDs with integrity are stepping out with better answers and positive results, and some hospitals opt for better outcomes. On the other hand studies involving these modalities have been delayed or rejected by the FDA and by many university medical, veterinary and agricultural colleges…thus preventing “discovery,” implementation or any benefit to the public.

Given our overpriced, under performing healthcare system; isn’t it appropriate to logically and scientifically tear the cover off conventional medicine, factory foods, environmental toxins and conflicted media reporting with open source information and salient facts? The conversation needs to go deeper on many issues we face. Maybe the media could fulfill its journalistic purpose? Maybe we as unified Americans could demand answers of those who hold our lives in their hands to arrive at the truth?

“When you believe in things you don’t understand, … Then you suffer.” Stevie Wonder


Capt. Randall

Note to Readers; It has been over 11 years since my personal healing and foundational epiphany occurred, and 7 years since Forbidden Healing was published. As I dig ever deeper into the science of health, I find fresh facts, new approaches and other researchers almost daily that reinforce and validate my thesis. And yet my protocol remains unchanged. Please remain informed by updates on this site. Best, Randall