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Saturday, May 5th 2012 at 8:00 pm by Capt. Randall

Toxic and Don't Know

Ever since humans discovered fire, our activities have been releasing a “dog’s breakfast” of unnatural chemistry. The list has grown to well over 75,000 free elements, compounds and pharmaceuticals. Many of these are acidic, electron-hungry oxidants and free radical generators.

Conventional medicine seems to dismiss industrial pollutants, food additives, personal care products, household cleaners, building materials and pharmaceutical residues… unless lethal concentrations are involved. The fact is, many are cumulative, so even at tiny parts per billion or million concentrations, poisonous substances considered “safe” by the EPA collect in fat, brain and bone, even crossing the placental barrier into rapidly differentiating embryonic tissues.

There they compromise cell membranes, damage DNA and the enzymes it produces, affect nerve conductivity, alter glandular production and hormonal balances, and continually generate free radicals which attack chemical bonds that hold all cell structures together. We don’t want our cell structures to fall apart.

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Most folks are aware of the presence of pollutants, but don’t connect them to their surroundings, food or lifestyle or to common diseases like depression, cancers, atherosclerosis or varied bacterial/viral/fungal infections. Young individuals harbor unexpectedly high levels due to the unbridled increase of industrial toxins in recent years.

The popularity of “cleanses” for liver, kidneys and bowel is a big step in the right direction, but few participate in focused detoxification/chelation. Alternative physicians routinely perform these treatments and see patients consistently shed scores of symptoms.

Traditional chelation therapy can be performed rapidly via intravenous EDTA or DMPS… or as recommended in Forbidden Healing, slowly and more gently with large antioxidant intake combined with complexing agents. Vitamin C/bicarbonate, Vitamin K2, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, etc. and herbals like milk thistle, cilantro and curcumin mobilize metals… and clays, humates, chlorella, sulfur, diatomaceous earth or zeolites attach to toxins and eliminate them. (See earlier articles: “Healer’s Grail,” “Toolbox” and “Compass” for the science behind this).

Only a scant percentage of the population avail themselves of a simple inexpensive Hair Mineral/Metal Analysis so most are unaware of mineral deficiencies and toxic metal loads. Conventional medicine frowns upon hair analysis in favor of expensive blood-based lab tests which may not expose dangerous mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium or lead levels, now very common in the public at large. Government agencies deny horrendous disease conditions stemming from these toxins because that acknowledgement could result in massive litigation over dental amalgams, vaccines, widespread industrial contamination and even the military use of depleted uranium. America protects business first… public health and the environment last.

Find a laboratory and check submission details. In general, have your hairdresser collect a sample at the back of the neck, from skin out a few inches, a matchbox full is recommended, and place it in a zip lock bag and mail it in. In a few weeks you will receive the results, which will look something like this:

Hair Mineral Analysis Reveals Toxins

Recommendations usually accompany test results. Don’t hesitate to ask your lab manager questions to clarify the interpretation of your data. Obviously, in this sample graph, Mg, Na and K need a supplemental boost, and Cu, Fe, Cr, Hg and Cd need to go away. Don’t be alarmed at rising levels during the first six months of detox, since mobilized elements will be incorporated into hair at a higher rate… and that is why chelators must be included with mobilizing antioxidants that raise charge and force metals to un-stick.  Symptoms will begin to abate quickly; don’t be fooled, continue the detox protocol until yearly retests confirm the job is complete.

Detoxing is analogous to cleaning a battery while restoring electrolyte levels so oxygen penetration and energy production can proceed unhindered… and it’s all about energy, electron charge.  Once systemic toxins are minimized, focus can be directed toward optimal nutrition, smart lifestyle choices and higher states of consciousness beyond greed and fear.

What you don’t know can hurt you.


  1. Anonymous says:

    May 16th, 2012 at 6:00 pm (#)

    Mr Randall,

    Thank you SO much for your incredible words of wisdom. I grew up on a family farm in southwestern North Dakota. My love of health and wellness started in high school. I participated in basketball, volleyball, track and cross-country and noticed how proper nutrition positively impacted my athletic performance. I went on to run cross-country and track at a national level at NDSU in Fargo, ND.

    I was blessed three years later with a beautiful daughter, McKenna. When she was three months old, I started chiropractic school. I had always been very healthy and about a year into school, I started to experience weird symptoms. I started getting headaches toward the end of the day and felt extremely fatigued (unlike me, as I usually woke up at 5 a.m. with a ton of energy).

    The headaches turned into consistent migraines that caused blurred vision, vomiting and extreme pain in my left eye and back of my head. I noticed I was also steadily gaining weight, even though I was dieting and exercising the same amount. I craved sugar, was retaining a ton of water and woke up with terrible night sweats. I had trouble digesting food, stomach pains and constantly felt bloated. When the migraines continued to worsen, I decided it was time for further testing.

    I had routine blood work, mri’s, ct scans and everything came back negative. I sat across from specialist after specialist who all told me either my symptoms were all in my head or go home and take pills. I had gained about 20 pounds at that point, had trouble taking care of my daughter and was miserable. The only thing I looked forward to was sleeping.

    My life was saved with the detoxification process you talk about, and like me, I hear your passion come out in your articles.

    Thank you for your contribution to making the world we live in a better place.


    DelRae Messer, DC

  2. Risfy says:

    June 8th, 2012 at 12:35 pm (#)

    I have had Chronic Fatigue and have recovered from it. You can read about it at my wtibsee only because it would take to long to try to post it here.I am doing what you are educating and advocating options. I promised myself if I ever found somthing that worked I would change professions and advocate for it. That is what I am beginning to do now. Would you join my site and share your success story. You have so much information here on your site that I would love for you to share. You would have your own page to link into this site, you can post articles and information. I really love it if you would join our community. By the way, I am past the chronic fatgue, yet have just tested high in mercury. I still have multipul food and chemical sensitivities still which I think is because of the toxic overload of the mercury. I never eat sushi, and don’t eat much fish. However, I had a mouthful of mercury fillings. I have had them removed over the last few years, yet I still have too much mercury in my body. I am going to do the chelation, but I wouldn’t recommend it until you have your mercury taken out. I was tested years ago for mercury and it didn’t show up. However, my doc says that your body needs to be healthy enough to through it off or try to detox and mine wasn’t healthy enough until now. So that is good news, my body is strong enough to start trying to eliminate the mercury. However, it needs help with it.Also, when you visit my site you will find a video that shows the vapors literally rising off teeth that have mercury fillings, so I am a big believer that they must be removed and by someone who is a professional at it. They need the right equipment or your body will absorb it. I was sick for weeks after having mine removed, everytime.My problem was I didn’t do my reseach and I trusted that my dentist knew the proper way to remove them. She didn’t. I love your site! I hope you will join mine and share your espertise and stories. Best ~Diana~

  3. fhadmin says:

    June 12th, 2012 at 6:03 pm (#)

    Try my detox protocol,,,Lotsa Vit C/bicarbonate, NAC, Clay and chlorella. Best, Capt. Randall