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Save your TEETH, Dump Your Periodontist….

Save The Teeth!

Fire Your Periodontist.

Notice bleeding gums or gingivitis?…Lucky… (sort of)…because that is proof positive of systemic oxidative stress; the neon-sign of an overall decline in health. Gum condition is an early warning and constant reminder to ramp up self care and as well as an indicator of progress in your efforts to heal. You may overlook subtle changes in skin texture, vision, joints and occurrence of colds and bronchial infections, but a bloody toothbrush is hard to ignore.

Gum problems are marked by the presence of plaque, weak gingival tissues and gum pocketing… pockets where the nasty anaerobes that attack the flesh and bone supporting those precious teeth thrive. Standard periodontal treatment consists of cleaning teeth, cutting gums (a little or a lot) to clean deeply, plane roots and remove bacteria, and possibly courses of antibiotics. As gum infections proceed into painful crippling abscesses, more powerful antibiotics are given followed by deep surgery or tooth removal. This barbaric specialty promises continual torture sessions; “There will be gnashing of teeth!”

My travels through the belly of the periodontal beast provided a damn good reason to find a better way. At the first dire assessment of my mouth I was informed that hygiene was poor, procedures were required now and on an ongoing basis, smoking must stop and that all my teeth would be lost in 20 years. Questions I had concerned Vitamin C (which I took 1000-2000mg/day religiously)?… “Won’t help,” was the reply… Amalgams?… “No problem, safe.”

I suffered under this conventional dead-end wisdom for at least ten years. A few years after leaving periodontal care, despite a nutrient dense organic diet and good hygiene, my situation declined, abscessing became frequent, teeth loosened and ached, then one was lost….I had to figure this out!!!

Still focused on “destroying bacteria,” I looked at alternatives. I tried a therapy that used hydrogen peroxide injected into perio-pockets via a blunt needle. This was somewhat effective, but tedious. I tried peroxide mouth-soaks for 5minutes, that helped too as did brushing with clove and cinnamon oils. Then another abscess announced a set-back…

The drill and fill dentist prescribed strong antibiotics, then extraction. This was not my plan. I filled the Rx, but left it in the truck. Instead I decided to mega-dose. Huge teaspoons of Vitamin C powder were mixed with baking soda 4-5X/day. I found bowel tolerance at approximately 8gms of C, and if taken more frequently than every 3-4 hours. The pain eased the next day, and was gone after 3 days along with the abscess! After a few weeks I noticed gums had healed, teeth tightened and I felt better all over. I continued peroxide mouth washes as I dug further into this curious success.

Turns out, the dreaded bacteria were only opportunists finding friendly dark, moist, low oxygen conditions where weak tissues and poor immune response invited their presence. And emergency dental visits usually occurred in January when sunshine Vitamin D, many fruits and vegetables, and physical activity were minimal. I considered myself lucky to have gone through that painful period, in that heart/artery problems are known to follow gum disease. And really lucky that joint pain stopped, depression lifted, skin thickened and tightened while high blood pressure, colds and bronchitis disappeared for good. Also lucky to have submitted a sample for hair analysis out of sheer curiosity. A follow-up test one year later showed mercury, cadmium and lead dropped to near zero as potassium and magnesium levels returned to normal proving detoxification had been enhanced through my efforts.

Weston Price associated oral health with nutrition…particularly the disastrous shift to chemical grain agriculture and processed foods, and away from traditional diets rich in healthy fats, proteins and ferments. Modern conditions including industrial foods, metals/organic toxins and growing levels of psychological stress cause a drain on life energy…electrons…which leads to acidity, poor oxygen delivery, proliferating pathogens, and the oxidative destruction of the very molecules forming our bodies (and those of every other living organism). Forbidden Healing introduced the idea of oxidative stress/inflammation as the common denominator in all disease…and provides a logical systematic protocol to reverse it.

Using the forbidden principle, every nutrient, toxin, lifestyle choice and emotional state can be seen as contributing to the redox balance;

The inventory of electrons (and electron generating factors: like membrane construction, electrolyte minerals and oxygen delivery, along with antioxidant intake and glutathione production )


The level of oxidants (that devour electrons and oxygen: like free-radicals, acids and metals, as well as in-house inflammation resulting from immune response).

GMI lists dozens of vitamins and phyto-antioxidants shown to impact gingivitis: from ascorbates and Vitamin D to flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, curcuminoids, etc. found in vegetables, fruits and herbs. In the forbidden realm, mega-dose QUANTITY and variety of antioxidant electron inputs are key. Oxidative elements are also used to first act as surrogate immune ammunition and then to signal the body to produce antioxidants like glutathione. “Oxygen” enjoys no less than 105 pages in the GMI database….there is a reason!

….And I liked my periodontist. He phoned nights after procedures to ask how I was doing. When I checked with him 20yrs later, he just couldn’t see beyond his training or wrap his head around the principles that would have decreased his surgical load. The pharma-care medical community seems to do everything in its power to hide these facts, confuse the public and denounce or ban as dangerous any truly effective redox based therapies.

Capt. Randall is the author of Forbidden Healing , an organic farmer and independent health researcher. He studied chemistry and biology at the University of Florida. His interests range from marine science to archaeology and ethnobotany.

Reference; see author page or for further information and essays on the “Redox Approach.”

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