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An Explosion of Truth, If it Works it Must Be True

Fluoridation, vaccination, environmental contamination, GMO/chemical agriculture and questionable medical practices have all been given the fast shuffle in corporate media; one “expert opinion” and done. These issues are conspicuous by their absence in mainstream discourse which is reflected in a lack of understanding by the public and doctors as well. Why are these topics taboo?

Those whom have dedicated their lives to caring for the sick are some of the finest most intelligent beings on the planet, but have been trained to participate in the pharmaceutical/health insurance industrial complex and may have lost sight of their oaths and scientific curiosity. Conventional practice has recently drifted into alternative realms with the use of probiotics, vitamin IVs and medical marijuana, an area where independent alternative and complimentary clinics have operated for decades,.. under the radar. Alternative treatments which could save lives and safely restore vigorous health are usually not offered through conventional channels or covered by insurers or the media; which leaves the public uninformed and financially stuck in the system where dangerous diagnostics, drugs and side effects actually do do harm.

Doctors are stuck in the system as well, both legally and financially. Many, true to their training and standards of practice cite studies and statistics as gospel not considering the sources, methodology or accuracy. They must also consider the risk of liability if straying from standards of practice. The pharmaceutical industry is a tightly controlled monopoly, heavily involved in lobbying, questionable marketing practices and the funding of medical journals, university medical programs and individual doctors as well as the recipient of favorable government regulations and billions in tax monies. Could these blatant conflicts of interest compromise public health and inflate costs which could be slashed under alternative free-market care? Caveat emptor!

I would suggest that medical professionals peruse objective American and European studies on nutrition, environmental toxins, electronic radiations and efficacious alternatives to their training. Real prevention information is scant and confused by every drug commercial, TV doctor and supplement salesman. Sometimes drugs are an answer, but many times there are better ideas. We are still anchored to cholesterol/saturated fat and germ theories of disease, and the fear of sunbathing along with a naive acceptance of environmental toxins being “at safe EPA levels.” When government agencies refuse to test for many chemicals, pesticides and metals like lead in Flint or perfluorinated fire retardants, the problem simply disappears, eh? Estimates of 700,000 per year lost through hospital error and adverse drug reaction here in the U.S. or 9 million dead worldwide in 2016 from air pollution go unaddressed by “doctors without voices.”

Most chronic diseases result from a bioenergy deficit brought on by metabolic disorders, toxic metals, plastics and organics like Roundup/glyphosate, overuse of antibiotics, feedlot meats, over eating sugary carbs, under exercising, chronic inflammation and infections and emotional/financial distress. Lowered system voltage ( ATPs) and acidic pH mean poor circulation, less oxygen delivered to cells, oxidatively stressed cell components, non expressive DNA, failure of cells to replicate, defective gut biomes, dysfunctional cell membranes, leaky guts and blood/brain barriers, and autonomic nervous system imbalances which lead to compromised immune systems, autoimmune diseases, cellular and organ malfunctions and an A to Z list of symptoms and conditions. Wouldn’t it be wise to approach health problems at their source?

Vaccines for example may provide immunity, but may also disrupt immune function by injecting unwanted proteins and metals into the bloodstream causing nagalese to be produced which down regulates macrophage activation factor, GcMAF; immune macrophages which remove pathogens, cancers and cell debris (*Ruggiero 2017). A high glycemic diet of processed carbs, corn syrups, trans fats and vegetable oils common in the Standard American Diet (SAD) disrupts the microbiome and damages gut lining which causes intestines to similarly leak bio-toxins and foreign proteins into the bloodstream, again releasing nagalese.

Water fluoridation does not even rely on natural calcium/phosphate fluorides first found to strengthen tooth enamel, but other odd ionized industrial waste compounds. Fluorine is found in deadly nerve agents and commonly in dangerous fluroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro. The safety of fluorine compounds is highly questionable with many bad side effects cited. Mandatory insurance, medication, vaccination and fluoridation of tap water is un-American, particularly when objective studies point out flaws in statistic effectiveness. Detractors are shouted down as ignorant by the usual doctors, dental associations and bureaucrats.

Feedlot meats/milks/eggs not only contain antibiotic and chemical residues, but resistant bacteria; why you can’t order your hamburger “rare.” Since confined grain-fed animals are bereft of antioxidants and produce an unhealthy ratio of Omega 3 to 6 fats, like grain-fed humans, consumers of them build faulty cell membranes.

Sugar is “the” gateway drug along with high glycemic processed carbs. Since ketones are made from fats in the liver and not produced by sugars and carbohydrates, alcohol becomes physically addictive because it produces acetone, a ketone which helps the brain maintain some level of energy and chemical balance. Other drugs are also sought to self medicate the absence of essential brain fuel and normal hormone and neurotransmitter production.

Metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum commonly found in fish, some foods, vaccines, amalgam fillings, toothpastes and water generate ROS, reactive oxygen species, which attack cell structures leading to oxidative stress and open invitation to pathogens. Disease generating metal burdens are rarely detected via blood tests, nor correctly addressed. Smoking is definitely detrimental, but why haven’t cadmium, other metals, additives and toxins been fingered as the cause? Why hasn’t the destruction of antioxidants been noted or detoxification protocols suggested? It is estimated that each cigarette smoked consumes over 500mg of antioxidant Vitamin C where equivalent supplementation and detoxification of metals will cancel some of tobacco’s ill effects like gingivitis.

Why did it take so many years to reverse “expert” opinion on saturated fats, condemn sugars, take dangerous drugs like Vioxx and Accutane off the market, approve the use of medical cannabis or restrict opioid over-prescription? Anyone following the twisted path of Florida’s medical marijuana roll-out through scientifically clueless State agencies can only conclude that the marijuana monopoly and State coffers come before the will of the people and long suffering sick.

Isn’t it time the public conversation got past simplistic health tips and weak prevention protocols and brought pharmaceutical voodoo out from behind the corporate curtain? Home remedies, vitamin/mineral supplements and food-based medicines never lost their effectiveness, they were simply dismissed via pharmaceutical correctness…This when the public is largely in marginal heath and deficient in the ABCDEK vitamins, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, sulfur and iodine as well as Omega 3 fats and healthy saturated fats like grass-fed butter, collagen rich bone broths and fiber. Curiously, most hospital admissions are severely deficient in Vitamins C, D and the B-Complex? Since doctors do not have time to educate each patient; those who fail to research and take command of the maintenance of their own bodies usually suffer a painful exit. Cars come with service manuals, people don’t!

A check of alternative and ACAM clinics reveals the use of vitamin/mineral IVs, hyperbaric oxygen therapies, detoxification and cleansing protocols, hydrogen and ozone treatments, dietary and herbal regimens, ketogenics, gut biome restructuring, acupuncture, pulsed lasers…the list goes on. You will not be afforded any of these root-cause level treatments at most major system hospitals, even when their options run out and life depends on it. Take the case of a Va medical school that began halting sepsis w IV Vitamin C and thiamine, or the Mass hospital using a similar vitamin/mineral cocktail for surgical patients or the clinic in Fl addressing concussion and PTSD with hyperbaric oxygen; yes, innovative MDs with integrity are stepping out with better answers and positive results, and some hospitals opt for better outcomes. On the other hand studies involving these modalities have been delayed or rejected by the FDA and by many university medical, veterinary and agricultural colleges…thus preventing “discovery,” implementation or any benefit to the public.

Given our overpriced, under performing healthcare system; isn’t it appropriate to logically and scientifically tear the cover off conventional medicine, factory foods, environmental toxins and conflicted media reporting with open source information and salient facts? The conversation needs to go deeper on many issues we face. Maybe the media could fulfill its journalistic purpose? Maybe we as unified Americans could demand answers of those who hold our lives in their hands to arrive at the truth?

“When you believe in things you don’t understand, … Then you suffer.” Stevie Wonder


Capt. Randall

Note to Readers; It has been over 11 years since my personal healing and foundational epiphany occurred, and 7 years since Forbidden Healing was published. As I dig ever deeper into the science of health, I find fresh facts, new approaches and other researchers almost daily that reinforce and validate my thesis. And yet my protocol remains unchanged. Please remain informed by updates on this site. Best, Randall

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