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Advanced Detoxification

Fresh information provides new details on toxic metals and treatment protocols. As always I suggest a “shotgun” approach to prevention and healing to cover the bases. The synergistic toxicity of metals and glyphosate/Roundup was new to me, and so I pass it along for your benefit.

Dr. Seneff points out the toxic synergy of metals like Al/Hg/Pb, fluoride and glyphosate where misleading whack-a-mole studies fail to conclude that a single item is responsible for say autism, Alzheimer or the list of other chronic “diseases.” Glyphosate carries these toxins through gut lining and brain barrier as it ties up manganese and other minerals and disables enzymatic pathways. Knowing the problem points to better detoxification protocols. So think not only Mega C and chlorella, but glycine, boron, manganese, fulvic acid, silica, sulfur, Mg, K, etc. along w Intermittent Fasting, exercise, sunshine, sweating and lymph/glymph draining massage techniques…..We are all victims of our industrial/pharmaceutical cesspool to one degree or other wanged by a gang of govt protected players, difficult to finger, feeding off the human herd. Build a better man-trap, create a web of lies and be showered w filthy lucre.

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Best, Randall

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