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Cancer Shmancer

For over fifty years, our consolidated corporate media has made cancer into the scariest most profitable disease. Even with “charities,” marches and wars against it; trillions of dollars have had little effect other than enrich fund raisers, researchers and the pharmaceutical medical system. The “cure” and other promises of technology remain just over the rainbow; “Free beer tomorrow!” Like religious “second comings” that have filled collection plates forever, left-brain ego dominant humans never seem to smell a con. Cancer is a fear driven psychology, analogous to war mongering where scared people become putty in the hands of war profiteers.

Truth be told, many cures have come along, yet the high priests of medicine exorcise them like demons by branding them heresy and erecting laws to stop them. While the system does a great job of trauma and acute care, official medicine can hold no integrity when it ignores defective processed nutrition, industrial toxins and can give no straight information on prevention. Because they fixed Johnny’s broke arm or halted grandpa’s stroke does not mean infallibility. Dr. Andrew Weil has always correctly stated that medicine should not be profit driven.

The fact is cancer is simply the apex end-stage chronic disease. Like heart disease, stroke and the ravages of diabetes; it arises simply from acidic hypoxia, flagging cell voltage; oxidative stress. All chronic diseases involve inflammation which is oxidative stress, admittedly the common thread; whether a result of an immune response, some level of toxicity or stress induced sympathetic dominance. Inflammation is an electro-molecular condition where a lack of electron voltage leads to oxidation or rust or burning as the word root -flam- would indicate and the dissolution of the molecules life is made of.

Electron bonds hold life’s molecules together until positively charged oxidants/acids wrench the electron “glue” from these mega molecules like proteins and DNA itself which are reduced to carbon/hydrogen/oxygen/etc. Like wood in a fire they are returned to dust. Immune response on the other hand depends on strong oxidation by hydrogen peroxide to destroy pathogens, cancers and cell debris, but ongoing oxidation is destructive and unwanted. Death of molecules and the disruption of all biological function occurs incrementally due to an acidic/hypoxic/low voltage charge terrain. Modern medicine would never stoop to acknowledge the indisputable fact that life and health were based on simple redox chemistry. Their quest is for wealth and the discovery of a mythical silver bullet to kill equally mythical demons causing disease. To ignore the basic integrity of a biological entity and its nutritional needs to chase down symptoms of it is illogical and a fool’s errand, but fool’s gold is what they seek. The trick is to discover the source of one’s “rusting” and electron loss “shorting-out” the system.

The body generates ATP electrons via metabolizing/burning carbon bonds along with oxygen in a delicate ratio of fuel to air much like the carburetor on a lawnmower engine. When more fuel enters mitochondrial cell engines than oxygen; ATP generation is poor and acids and oxidant free radicals form to gnaw at cell structures. This is a major root of inflammation caused by overeating sugary processed carbs and too much food in general, but by no means the only killer of electron energy and our cells. This is also the little understood reason for the popularity of paleo, keto and detox regimes along with fasting and intermittent fasting that really work to limit inflammation and oxidation of cell structures by improving oxygen saturation and increasing electron voltage output of mitochondria. When fats and glucose are metabolized slowly, oxygen has time to neutralize lactic acids and free radicals just like in a tired crampy muscle. Constant eating and sugar loading outpaces available oxygen creating the very hypoxic condition leading to cancers and chronic disease.

We get electron energy through heat and light which charge our 90% water fraction and receive electrons via antioxidant foods, vitamins, electrolyte minerals and contact with the negatively charged earth. There are also scores of negatory factors which steal and short-out our electrical system like heavy metals, toxins, mineral/protein/fat deficient diets, poor breathing, lifestyle habits and emotional stress. So finding and correcting our energy system means ferreting out sources of inflammation or low body charge. Cells can not function properly nor replicate on voltages below .25V and become senescent sources of toxic chemicals and resistant to autophagy or turn cancerous.

Simply recognizing how our biological machines truly work and produce energy is the heart of prevention and the road to reversing disease. Many alternative physicians are on this right track. Cures for cancers and lesser diseases have been accomplished by scores of accredited holistic doctors using IV Vitamin C along with mineral cocktails including selenium, iodine, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. Some have successfully used GcMAF (macrophage activator), creatine, B 17, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen and molecular hydrogen, herbals like turmeric, garlic, capsaicin, cannabis, mistletoe, mushrooms and even electromagnetic frequency generators such as the Rife Machine.

That which cures can also prevent though prevention is difficult to prove. That said, a diet fully packed with quality proteins and fats, healthier carbs, vitamins, minerals and supplemented to optimize levels goes a long way toward a long active life. Incidental metals and toxins can come like thieves in the night, but can be tested for with an inexpensive hair analysis and mobilized/chelated and eliminated from the body. Americans suffer shamefully from scarce accurate information mixed with loads of disinformation via food, drug and supplement marketer’s mumbo jumbo.

Redox medicine is a simple and revolutionary point of view of life. Elementary molecular attractions and repulsions, and the flow of electrons and the emergence of electromagnetic fields are solid chemistry and physics. Why not start there and reinterpret the health of all life on the planet in terms of this primal energy flow and the factors which promote it or smother it??? A solid understanding can only be built on these most solid of scientific foundations. All life suffers from an electron energy shortage borne of acidic hypoxia and industrial pollution. From this root cause, one can backtrack to real solutions.

?Did conventional medical system doctors ever tell you;

That gum disease, heart disease, chronic infections and joint conditions are basically scurvy, low grade inflammation and are easily reversed with large quantities of electron-packed Vitamin C, collagen and appropriate minerals?

Or that the problem with smoking , like war veterans, firemen and welders experience as a panoply of chronic diseases, is due to heavy metals and oxidized organic toxins…and can be addressed through simple detoxification techniques like Megadose Vitamin C, chlorella, NAC and RALA?

Or that concussions respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) along with nutrient mineral corrections?

Or that sepsis, a massive systemic infection and major killer, is effectively halted using an IV cocktail of Vitamin C, B1 and hydrocortisone? Nope, you’ll die if antibiotics fail. Ditto pneumonias from hospitalizations or the flu.

Or that widespread contamination of food and water supplies with lead, mercury, glyphosate and other toxic molecules remain ignored and untested for as major vectors of disease?

Or that violent criminals are burdened by high levels of copper, low zinc and other mineral irregularities?

Or that our American diet of processed foods and errant chemistry is responsible for most disease? Of course not, it would violate their business model.

The narrative hype, “that techno-solutions for any and every thing are just around the corner,” is so much bullshit. Solutions must come of course through some hypercomplex voodoo science that only needs a few more billions to appear. Occasionally better ideas evolve, but the whole bit serves to drive the public into future hope-ing and wishful thinking…out of the reality of the present moment and into the hands of dream weavers. Free Beer Tomorrow!

I hold that America and the Western world have undergone a religious transformation. We have gone from chained-slaves to dollar slaves, from toti-potent men… to followers of self-appointed rulers… to low-brow worshipers of celebrity, wealth and authority. We bow to the gods of war and the high priests of science, technology and medicine as we are marinated in political drama with its pantheon of players. University ceremonies bestow “legal” licenses in support of a climate of industrial greed where morality and practicality have little place in their church of faux-spirituality, feckless research and social engineering. This is my right-brain big picture world overview, my mastery of the obvious, my predilection for reducing the artificially complex to common denominators; my search for truth and sanity.

Conventional pharma-medicine will never advance while stuck in a “pill for every symptom” thinking. Life is electrical and life must be provided with the necessary conditions to thrive. Healing depends on the return of those conditions and is neither temporary nor expensive.

We have become a gangland-style extortion-nation both domestically and internationally. Our military industrial corporate monopoly set-up is designed to rob the resources of our citizens and every other sovereign country through stealth, regime change or bloody murder. Without a mass awakening we are destined for a future of endless war, fake foods, chemical contamination and environmental devastation where short miserable lives will be best case.

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