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My Corona….

My Corona (due to overloaded spam filters on website, direct contact is via [email protected] )

Simple logic will tell ya that this corona virus scare is a scam to render the public helpless and further tighten the grip of the medical establishment. They have no cure, they like posting numbers of dead to induce mass hysteria. Every flu season produces similar numbers though never publicized. Flu vaccines in the past never seem to show statistical advantage, but soon they will mandate vaccination which will arrive after the majority of people were infected, recovered and have attained natural immunity. As with 9/11, public fear acts as distraction from other hidden agendas. Stop listening to over-educated (read; trained) idiots! The media echo chamber makes it all seem real.

I recovered from West Nile a few yrs ago where the symptoms were joint ache, fever and brain swelling which proved fatal for many. I simply took Vitamin C in large doses every 3-4 hrs…Ditto Covid 19 I contracted at the end of February…This virus began with familiar head/body ache, mild fever and diarrhea… I jumped on Vit C megadose and never experienced any respiratory symptoms which are proving fatal to immune compromised/untreated individuals who eventually drown in their own lung fluids.

Our criminally dishonest “medical experts” refuse scientifically proven “alternative” therapies. Trolls and shills liken any sound “home remedy” to drinking bleach, so most folks swallow this deadly champagne of doubt instead. In my studied opinion our medical system does wonders in trauma and acute areas, but is a well entrenched extortion racket where most chronic and infectious diseases are maltreated by symptom with dangerous drugs. A holistic approach restores normal biochemistry, oxygen penetration and cell function so the body can self heal.

The use of IV Vitamin C in China and holistic circles has been erased from mainstream media and internet sources. Why? Why would any doctor refuse to use safe vitamin, mineral, natural antivirals, hyperthermic or oxygen therapies. “Medical experts” claim over and over again to have no proven therapies as they long for mass vaccinations in the too late future? A very few doctors and hospitals are now calling up IV sodium ascorbate for their acutely ill patients, but this fact will likely be censored too. Letting this secret out of the bag would threaten the income of a major sector of our rapacious economy.

Practical steps to prevent or ameliorate flus and all other chronic diseases.

Oral megadose Vitamin C…2-8 GRAMS of ascorbic acid/Vitamin C mixed with half as much baking soda in a quarter cup of water (yields sodium ascorbate)..fizz..drink..up to every 3 hrs…Once bowel tolerance is found, continue with slightly lower doses. For serious cases add Lipo C or go to IV Vitamin C. IV C is not standard practice at hospitals, many will claim they do not have sodium ascorbate solutions..Hopefully this denial of appropriate treatment will lead to lawsuits. At risk individuals need to locate a physician who performs IVs just in case. Use ACAM physician finder for one in your area…Vitamin C itself is sold out at stores so try Amazon for NOW or Nutricost for bulk pure non-gmo Vitamin C..or try…In 3lb to 5 kilo jars…Since most Vitamin C comes from China, supplies may run out.

Arm&Hammer baking soda alone is helpful to alkalize blood so it can carry more oxygen; 1/2 tsp every few hrs in water….Vitamin D is another essential nutrient obtained via sunshine or cod liver oil which also contains Vitamin A. Minerals; magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine sulfur are important as well as NAC, RALA and Vit B1 and K2…Coconut oil, oregano oil, colloidal silver, elderberry and garlic are a few antivirals. Probiotics. Hyperbaric oxygen, molecular hydrogen, ozone and a breathing exercise like Iceman Wim Hof instructs ( ) destroy pathogens and restore electron energy to the system. Hyperthermia also destroys pathogens; try sauna and hot/cold showers. Feeling ill requires informed action, not stupefying fear.

How/Why? Viruses, like other pathogens and toxins are generally positively charged and depend on that paucity of electrons to attach to cells..Massive electron inputs cripple this attraction rendering neutrality; Vitamin C electrons, antioxidants and alkalizing inputs increase oxygen perfusion like Iceman hyperventillation followed by breath hold.

The danger with viruses is an overwhelming cytokine storm leading to systemic inflammation featuring encephalitis or pneumonia. Vitamin C reduces brain swelling and dampens the oxidative cytokine storm, respiratory distress and systemic sepsis. Pneumonia winds up to be the killer where the lungs’ capacity to remove pathogens and cell debris is overwhelmed. The victim suffocates unable to move oxygen. More precisely, neutrophils pile up in lung tissue when resident macrophages are under supplied with Vitamin C and can not generate H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, needed to incinerate this garbage. Since macrophages concentrate 8000 times more Vitamin C than neighboring cells, you can see how massive inputs of Vitamin C would keep lungs clear and healthy. Mega C orally and via IV infusion also release hydrogen peroxide into extracellular fluids as it raises operational voltage and blood pH.

There are volumes of absolutely solid science behind these statements including Dr. Marik’s IV Vitamin C, B1, hydrocortisone protocol for sepsis, results at the Riordan Clinic/Dr. Levy and research by the Orthomolecular Institute to name a scant few. Medical authorities ignore all this evidence to promote and protect the drug business at the cost of our lives. Nice people, eh? Watch the rest of the agenda unfold behind the smokescreen of this “covid 19 crisis.”

America and industrialized countries are beset with cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc. so the populous is low immune from the get-go. Many think you are born with a certain immune strength when in reality immunity to disease varies constantly with nutrition, vitamin/mineral levels, lifestyle factors and stress. Hair-on-fire media hysteria itself only ruptures sketchy herd immunity.

Hope this helps,
Best Randall

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