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In the years following release of Forbidden Healing, I am solidly gratified that my protocol has stood the test of time.  Nevertheless my understanding of life as an electrical phenomenon has deepened and been reinforced by many doctors and scientists.  You can follow the progression of posts under News/Comments, but I thought I’d summarize some of the main points.

Metabolism;  Besides the ingestion of electron rich antioxidants, polyphenols and their precursors; the mitochondrial production of ATP voltage came more into focus.

   Through Dr. Margreet Vissers, NZ, Antioxidant Studies,  I learned of HIF 1, Hypoxic Induction Factor..triggered by a lack of oxygen which leads to acidity, inefficient anaerobic fermentation and angiogenesis common in cancers and chronic disease…Lacking oxygen, mitochondria incur a buildup of lactic acid and free radicals…much like a tired muscle, yet we don’t actually notice pain…and this occurs via an overload of glucose fuel with a lag in oxygen delivery. The energy producing Krebs cycle is a rate and ratio dependent O2/fuel balance, where it takes time for oxygen to arrive.  HIF also involves a lack of… guess?  Yes, Vitamin C!  The problem is that as mitochondrial e- ATP electron generation declines, acidity grows, O2 is inhibited becoming H2O, body voltage drops, cells sustain oxidative damage and cannot replicate. Health and vitality decline.  Oxidative damage can be addressed and inflammation reduced with Megadosing Vit C and plentiful other antioxidants, but metabolic output must ultimately be increased. Thus intermittent fasting/ low sugar diets, grounding, hydrogen/oxygen therapies,  and alkalizing breathing exercises are obvious remedies.  Try this breathing exercise thanks to Win Hof “Iceman”;  .

High school science tells the tale of acid-base and oxidation-reduction (redox) chemistry; the positive-negative/boy-girl dance of electrons and protons that animate the universe.  pH is a convenient measure of the prevalence of acidic protons vs that of alkaline electrons. A simple electrical attraction/repulsion balance becomes confused only by the language involved. All-disease>> equals inflammation>> equals oxidative stress/rusting/burning where cell molecules are torn apart by other positively charged molecules stripping electrons from electron bonds. Cellular integrity is maintained when an electron-rich terrain rules so that molecules can form and maintain bonds, DNA/enzymes can perform and cell structures remain intact And don’t neglect the connective tissue matrix that holds us all together and conducts electric charge (Chi).  Skin, bones, blood vessel-intestinal linings, joints and fascia are built of and maintained by Vitamin C plus the amino acids lysine/proline best sourced in complexed form from bone/cartilage broths (homemade soups and stocks..not muscle meats).

Years ago, the cold hard objective universe spoke to me in no uncertain terms; “IT’S ALL ABOUT CHARGE TERRAIN, STUPID!”…Not the leaky “Germ Theory” or the spooky ” It’s your genes” idea or “cholesterol mythology” where in fact unsaturated vegetable oils are toxic and saturated stable animal fats are preferred.

Redox Detox Details;

It is becoming more and more obvious that heavy metals, organo-pesticides and drugs in air, food and water are a major vector of chronic disease, not only as oxidative stressors, hormonal disrupters and voltage killers, but as adjuncts to covid susceptibility and vaxxxine clotting in metal-studded small blood vessels throughout brain/heart/lung tissues.

I had shown through successive hair analyses that Megadosing Vit C along with chelators like chlorella, clays, charcoal and sulfur compounds definitely reduced mercury, cadmium free iron, copper, arsenic, lead and nickel at least!..More targeted options have appeared;

*Aluminum, the most common toxic metal according to my hair analysis lab is best eliminated through silica-rich things like horsetail, cucumbers, silica supplements and Fiji water.

*Fluorides can be reduced using Borax; 1tsp/1 liter of water to be sipped daily, an old tactic used to decalcify the pineal gland. The intake of iodine also helps purge lighter halogens like Fl/Cl/Br.

*Lead is reduced through Mega C and chelators, but also cilantro…Pharmaceutical chelation is an option using EDTA, but as with all detoxification efforts attention must be paid to magnesium and potassium depletion.

*Glyphosate/Roundup; The use of glycine is a recommended detoxifier along with sulfur compounds and manganese. Avoid GMO corns, soy, wheat, rices.

*Calcium, iron and copper were fingered by Dr. Thomas Levy as deadly(see many youtube lectures).  Calcium depletion in bones and deposition in tissues is a result of scurvy; low Vitamin C levels. Free Iron uncomplexed as ferritin causes oxidative damage as does xcess copper. Copper also encourages angiogenesis in hypoxic cancerous conditions which feed tumors with more glucose and can be scrubbed with NAC.

*Spike proteins; Though unstudied, the use of proteolytic enzymes is a logical antidote…Serrapeptase, nattokinase, lumbrokinase, bromelain and papain cleave unwanted proteins and cut through fibrin films (The scar tissue that is part of an inflammatory response). Use NAC orally/nebulized together with proteolytic enzymes.

*Graphene is thought to be included in covid vaxxxes. Graphene oxide is a toxic oxidative stressor, so Mega C is first thought. It can be eliminated through the use of kaolin clay, humic/fulvic acids/shilajit and zeolites.

Blood tests do not reveal heavy metal burdens so a hair analysis which also measures mineral levels is invaluable..What metals need be addressed?  How are your mineral deficiencies/excesses?  The beauty of Mega C is that it charge neutralizes positive metal ions and mobilizes them into the blood stream where they can be chelated and excreted.  NAC, RALA, chlorophyll, onions, garlic, brassicas, elemental sulfur and sulfurous compounds aid detoxification efforts as they help generate protective antioxidant glutathione and Vitamin D. Sodium, potassium and magnesium are depleted in detox protocols and should be supplemented. A, B, D, E, K vitamins are important too as are sauna and sunshine.

It is my opinion that environmental toxins and deficient processed foods along with the media overload of psychological stress diminish the health of Americans and are co-factors in the severity of covid 19…each reducing body voltage and immune strength. Therefore dietary correction and “shotgun” detoxing is a modern imperative and lifestyle essential. Do have a hair mineral/metal analysis “to know thyself.”  Information is nice to have, but continuous remedial application gets stuff done.  Oxidation as a main immune feature is carried out by hydrogen peroxide, generated in extracellular fluids by Mega dose Vit C and within well charged macrophages to destroy pathogens and cell debris. Neutrophils working within lungs carry captured pathogen invaders to macrophage disposal units, but with underpowered macrophages; neutrophils back up and congest lung tissues obstructing oxygen penetration. This the respiratory portion of covid, potentially leading to pneumonia and death. And this where nebulized H2O2 and iodine oxidatively destroy viruses taking the load off macrophages as nebulized NAC increases cleansing mucous flow and glutathione production. A more complete covid protocol also includes Vitamin B1, zinc, selenium, magnesium and the realization that media fear mongering becomes disease itself!

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